In brief

  • The Enjin Wallet mobile app has been updated with new features.
  • Additionally, the app is now officially approved for use in China.
  • The blockchain gaming company also plans to launch its development platform in China.

Blockchain gaming platform Enjin has announced a number of changes and enhancements to its Enjin Wallet mobile app, including approval and certification to be used in China.

The latest app update brings the ability to batch send and melt Ethereum-based ERC-1155 fungible and non-fungible assets, allowing up to 100 such assets to be sent at a time. This cuts down on gas fees and hassle alike while also minimizing Ethereum network congestion.

Up to the same number of ERC-1155 assets can also be melted simultaneously, mass converting them back to Enjin Coin (ENJ). Batch features were previously limited to developers, but now are available to all Enjin Wallet users.


The app has also added Ethereum Name Service (ENS) support to give users “human-readable addresses,” according to Enjin’s blog post. Users can now register custom domains to save the trouble of inputting lengthy, cryptographic wallet addresses. Optional facial and fingerprint security features have also been added to the app.

Chinese certification is arguably the most intriguing part of today’s announcement, at least as far as Enjin’s longer-term ambitions are concerned. Bryana Kortendick, Enjin’s vice president of marketing and operations, confirmed to CoinDesk that approval had indeed come from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Additionally, the site reports that the Enjin Platform will likewise launch in China, although the company has not yet announced a timeline. The Enjin Platform debuted in February, providing game developers a “code-free” web interface for creating ERC-1155 assets, potentially widening the number of game creators that can implement blockchain elements into their titles.

In March, Enjin revealed its expanded Multiverse Program, which aims to recruit additional developers to share in-game assets between different studios’ games. The program provides support and resources to chosen developers, along with a free subscription to its Enjin Platform Pro plan.

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