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DappRadar, the world's leading Web3 dapp store and discovery platform, is excited to announce DappLaunch, an innovative program designed to empower and accelerate the growth of new Web3 projects. This program has the support of top-tier industry partners, including OKX Wallet, Polkastarter, NEAR, Cointelegraph Accelerator, and Lunar Strategy.

Over the past 6 years, DappRadar has listed over 16,000 dapps across more than 60 different blockchain ecosystems, bringing millions of new users to projects in the Web3 ecosystem. Building on that foundation, up-and-coming projects can stand out by getting access to DappLaunch, the one-stop shop for their go-to-market strategy and growth.

What is DappLaunch?

DappLaunch is a selective Web3 launch and growth hub that supports a curated list of top early-stage Web3 projects. DappRadar provides new early-stage Web3 projects with the support they need to launch successfully. The program offers selected projects access to visibility, community-building tools, and a comprehensive suite of Web3 services and resources. 

By creating a program where new projects and dapps are supported in their launch, DappLaunch aims to foster the growth of the Web3 ecosystem and ensure the success of the next generation of blockchain projects. Early-stage Web3 projects can now apply to join DappLaunch.

Key Features of DappLaunch:

Through the various partners in the DappLaunch program, projects can find opportunities for funding and grants through launchpads, VCs and blockchain ecosystems.

  • Early community building: DappLaunch can help projects find their community of testers and enthusiasts that can help to amplify every message projects want to share. Through gamification, user activations, and media reach, projects can create a community of early supporters.
  • Gamified user acquisition: Through on-chain quests and other gamified user acquisition tools, projects can reinforce their user acquisition funnel. Media coverage through the partners can amplify these initiatives.
  • Premium Web3 tools and services: The costs for launching and managing a Web3 project can be pretty steep, but partners in the DappLaunch hub offer tools for free or with a discount.

Partners Highlights

DappLaunch is backed by a roster of partners, each bringing unique expertise and resources to the program. These partners include industry leaders in blockchain ecosystems, exchanges, and Web3 service providers. Together, they create a robust support network that ensures the success of participating projects.

DappRadar Key partners

These partnerships are designed to provide maximum value to the projects within DappLaunch, ensuring they have the needed resources and guidance.

What It Means for DappRadar PRO members 

DappLaunch adds another layer of potential rewards for PRO membership holders, which could affect the number of PRO members and therefore demand for the $RADAR token.

DappRadar has announced that all DappRadar PRO members will be eligible to select airdrops from the top projects participating in DappLaunch. This provides PRO members with potential early access to tokens and NFTs, enhancing their engagement with the Web3 ecosystem.

To become a PRO member, users must stake 30,000 $RADAR tokens. This staking mechanism supports the network and also ensures that PRO members are actively invested in the success of the DappRadar ecosystem.

How to Become a PRO Member

Becoming a DappRadar PRO member is straightforward and can offer numerous benefits. By staking $RADAR tokens, users can gain access to exclusive features and opportunities within the DappRadar ecosystem.

Steps to Become a PRO Member:

  1. Acquiring $RADAR Tokens: Users can purchase $RADAR tokens from supported exchanges.
  2. Staking $RADAR Tokens: Users can stake the required amount of 30,000 $RADAR tokens to become a PRO member.
  3. Exclusive Benefits: Users can gain access to select airdrops, early investment opportunities, and enhanced community engagement features. Whilst also boosting their favorite dapps, and using tools to make more informed decisions.

About DappRadar

Founded in 2018, DappRadar is the world's leading dapp store and discovery platform, offering insights and analytics on over 16,000 dapps across 60 multiple blockchains. DappRadar aims to empower users with actionable information and foster the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

For more information about DappLaunch or to apply, users can visit DappRadar.


PR Manager
Vineet Nair
Lunar Strategy

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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