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  • More and more people are working from home due to coronavirus.
  • It's possible to get paid in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for freelance work.
  • Here are some sites that let you find jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

As the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to massacre the job market, hordes of freshly unemployed have been forced online to find alternatives. Fortunately, there are a few options out there, and some even pay in Bitcoin.

According to recent studies, the number of people who work remotely has grown 400% since 2010. And, In the US, 3.4% of the total workforce work from home at least 50% of the time.

Bank releases integrated Bitcoin wallet
You can get paid in Bitcoin instead of fiat. Image: Shutterstock.

Now, with the coronavirus putting increased emphasis on working remotely, Decrypt has compiled a list of the best remote, crypto-centric freelancer platforms available—where, of course, you can get paid in Bitcoin.



Jobs4Bitcoins is a subreddit dedicated to finding jobs that pay in Bitcoin. Boasting 26,789 members (at press time), this popular subreddit is reasonably active.

The jobs posted here aren't just crypto-based; they include a variety of skills from users seeking lawyers to virtual assistants. The majority of the Jobs4Bitcoins posts, however, come from employees soliciting work for Bitcoin, with one post even offering to help with math homework.

As an unofficial job market, Jobs4Bitcoin moderators urge users to employ escrow to ensure against scams.


CryptoGrind is essentially an official version of Jobs4Bitcoin, operating in the same ways as freelancer platforms Upwork and Glassdoor.


Payment is encouraged via Bitcoin and freelancers can pick and choose between jobs posted by other users. Despite job listings indicating compensation, CryptoGrind permits freelancers to bid on job offers and explain why they'd be a prime choice.

Like Jobs4Bitcoin, work isn't limited to blockchain or crypto gigs with opportunities ranging from advertising to music and everything in between.


ETHlance is a freelancer platform for those looking to earn some extra crypto coinage. Not only does the site pay exclusively in ETH, but it runs directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

ETHlance makes use of smart contracts to facilitate escrow between each party. This allows each party to get some sense of security, without relying on a trusted third party.

Crypto Jobs

The aptly named 'crypto jobs' is the cryptocurrency industry's answer to traditional work search sites such as Indeed, and Reed.

Unlike the previous three, Crypto Jobs primarily deals in blockchain-focused projects, varying from project managers to senior blockchain engineers. Employers can post full-time and part-time jobs. They can also tweak the job terms, detailing the required skill set and specifications to determine the right candidate.

Hopeful employees can search based on categories including tech, design, and sales jobs, as well as skills such as coding, and trading.


For the vast majority of postings, compensation is in fiat. However, there are a few employers that opt to pay via crypto.


Combining all of the above, Coinality is essentially a job aggregator—collating work offers from a variety of job listings sites, including Upwork and Indeed. As a consequence, much of the work is paid in fiat. However, for those seeking crypto remuneration, Coinailty specifies payment terms, highlighting whether a job is paid in fiat or crypto.

Much like Crypto Jobs, Coinality is highly concentrated toward crypto and blockchain jobs, with high demand for developers and content creators.

But if you do get paid in Bitcoin, make sure to pay your taxes.

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