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After the success of YOUR AI Protocol’s community-exclusive token round, which resulted in over 11,500,000USDT in deposits, the protocol is gearing up for its highly anticipated second IDO on DAO Maker.

This oversubscription rate, one of the highest in recent times, reflects the community's recognition of YOUR AI Protocol's potential to address real-world challenges in e-commerce AI-driven AI-driven personalization and efficiency. The team believes this is a signal for a strong appetite for projects that offer clear utility, innovation, and real-world impact.

The Core of YOUR AI Protocol: AI-Driven Personalization

YOUR AI Protocol introduces the AI-powered Picasso model to revolutionize personalized e-commerce by tailoring product content to individual preferences. It aims to transform online shopping with dynamic, personalized content directly from creators, enhancing customer experiences. Supported by over 100 KOLs, the protocol uses BRC-20 tokens to give brands and creators control over product content, enabling them to earn from their contributions.

With over 25,000 creators and content for 2 million+ products, YOUR AI Protocol supports the AI -driven personalisation of e-commerce, including shops built on Shopify and other platforms. Utilizing a multi-chain approach with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, it offers a sustainable, real-world utility for e-commerce. Securing partnerships and VC backing, including Shopify integration, YOUR Protocol is set to disrupt traditional online shopping, prioritizing creator and consumer empowerment.

YOUR AI Protocol features three key apps powered by the AI Picasso Model:

  • First, there's a Shopify app, a significant partnership that opens doors to 4.6 million online stores. Shortly after launch, over 200 stores had installed it.
  • Next is the SDK app, which allows all kinds of e-commerce stores, not just Shopify ones, to add product information easily.
  • This targets a market that's expected to grow to $8.8 trillion by 2026 and works with platforms like Salesforce and WooCommerce.
  • Lastly, there's an app for content creators that supports eight different types of content.
  • IDO Type: Refundable. This type of IDO allows participants the option for a refund, providing a safety net that is rarely offered in the crypto space. It underscores the project's confidence in its value and commitment to investor satisfaction.
  • $DAO Holder Round: $100,000. This round is specifically reserved for $DAO token holders. It reflects a sense of loyalty and inclusivity towards the community that has supported the ecosystem.
  • Token Price: Set at $0.01 per token.
  • Token Unlocks: Upon the IDO's conclusion, 30% of the tokens will be available to the investors.
  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): The project's valuation is $10,000,000.
  • Ticker: YOURAI.

The YOUR AI project uses the Solana blockchain for its renowned speed and efficiency in processing transactions at low costs. In a move to enhance interoperability and accessibility, the issuance of YOURAI tokens will be conducted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With a total token supply of 1 billion, YOUR AI Protocol aims to ensure a broad distribution and utility across its ecosystem.

Token Utility

The $YOURAI token is part of the YOUR Protocol and has several uses:

  • Staking for Access and Earnings: Users can lock up (stake) their $YOURAI tokens to use certain features of the protocol and earn rewards over time.
  • Rewards for Contributions: People who create content, curate it, provide storage, or develop the blockchain and AI get paid in $YOURAI tokens.
  • Buyback Cycle: The protocol uses some of the money it makes to buy $YOURAI tokens regularly.
  • Governance: Holding $YOURAI tokens gives you a say in the decisions of the YOUR AI Protocol through voting.

About YOUR AI Protocol

YOUR AI Protocol is changing the way people shop online by using AI to create a new kind of streaming content on Bitcoin and Solana. It fixes issues with the old way of handling data about products, such as problems with control, wasted effort, misinformation, and poor quality.

By using a system that is open and fair, creators can have real control over their work through smart contracts, ensuring only the best content reaches shoppers. YOUR AI Protocol makes it easy for online stores to use this AI-driven, shared, and efficiently stored product information, including images, descriptions, and reviews. This new approach is designed for today's internet and the future internet, making shopping easier and better for everyone.


Head of Marketing & Partnerships
Dieuwertje Janssen

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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