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Decentralized Masters has announced its open enrollment for those interested in exploring the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Decentralized Masters is a community that shares exclusive insights and investment opportunities within the DeFi sector.

Despite the challenges in the cryptocurrency market, new and experienced investors still remain curious and confident in exploring uncharted territories and are avidly turning to communities to help navigate. Through these, Decentralized Masters stands out as a beacon of trust in the Defi space. Offering both new and seasoned investors a reliable community– transforming uncertainty into confidence

Behind Decentralized Masters' Closed Doors

Decentralized Masters educates on a three-layer strategy of portfolio management, rooted in CFA principles and emphasizing risk management and reinvestment of profits for growth. It also offers a custom-built app that serves as a comprehensive platform for DeFi investors, featuring filtered news, project fundamentals analysis, and community top picks.

Members have access to training materials, taking them from apprentice to DeFi expert through one-on-one and group mentorship programs.

Their meteoric rise saw 50+ professionals, experts and analysts onboarded in under a year and over 300 elite members. This surge stems from a stringent selection process, admitting only those who align with their core values and ethics into the mastermind.

The Member-Centric Approach

This Mastermind aims to shift the power from centralized entities, such as banks and governments, back into the hands of individuals.

Members' success stories in DeFi investment highlight the organization's effectiveness, with numerous testimonies praising its expertise in making DeFi straightforward and accessible. Such unwavering dedication has naturally cultivated enduring bonds with its community.

Addressing Trust and Credibility

Decentralized Masters combats the dangers of the DeFi space, and actively reinforces the confidence of its members through its community-driven approach, combined with the mentorship programs, ensures that members are well-prepared to navigate potential pitfalls and make sound investment decisions.

About Decentralized Masters

Decentralized Masters has its roots in the personal journeys of its founders.

One co-founder, Tan Gera, transitioned from being a Wall Street investment banker to developing his own DeFi-driven strategy. His background in traditional finance provided a unique perspective on harnessing the power of DeFi for all.

The other co-founder, Salim Elhila, moved from mathematics engineering and artificial intelligence to become a serial entrepreneur with a focus on project fundamentals. Salim’s experience has contributed to the mastermind’s success in navigating the complex world of DeFi.

Together, they founded Decentralized Masters.

Today, Decentralized Masters is run by a team of experts, each with unique specialties, all led by a certified blockchain analyst dubbed the "DeFi Doctor". The project’s founders attribute the team’s combined expertise to the organization's success.

Joining Decentralized Masters

Decentralized Masters has decided to expand its membership, but with a specific requirement: each new member must contribute value to the community. Decentralized Masters is not merely an observatory; it's a council where every member participates and benefits.

However, Decentralized Masters wants interested parties to understand that a person’s current financial situation has no real impact on the value that someone can provide to the community.

United in the belief that collaborative minds amplify power, they welcome enthusiasts ready to immerse in a dynamic DeFi community.

To apply, visit the Decentralized Masters' website.


Jamie Kingsley
The PR Genius

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