This week brought big news in the world of AI art, with two of the most popular user interfaces (UIs) for Stable Diffusion announcing major upgrades. Automatic 1111 and InvokeAI, leading tools for running the open-source Stable Diffusion models SD 1.5, SD 2.1 and the brand new SDXL, released significant updates that promise more features and better performance.

For the uninitiated, Stable Diffusion is an AI system that can generate realistic images and art from text prompts. As Decrypt previously reported, it offers more customization than closed-source competitors like MidJourney, but requires more technical skill to use. That's where UIs like Automatic 1111 and InvokeAI come in - they put a smooth, accessible layer on top of Stable Diffusion so everyday users can harness its power.

Automatic 1111, known for its simple interface and active community support, unveiled version 1.6.0 yesterday. The release brings useful capabilities like SDXL support, new samplers for enhanced image generation, and RAM and VRAM optimizations. Users particularly praised the updates to image-to-image workflows, which allow modifying existing images to better suit the prompter’s ideas.


Meanwhile, InvokeAI’s new 3.1.0 version introduces a Workflow Builder for more customizable image generation routines. "Workflows combine the power of nodes-based software with the ease of use of a GUI," the Invoke team said on its Discord server yesterday. InvokeAI also expanded its SDXL integration and boosted in-painting and out-painting functionality in this release.

Competition is heating up between interfaces looking to become the go-to Stable Diffusion tool. Along with big players like Automatic 1111 and InvokeAI, options like ComfyUI and SD.Next for Windows/Linux and even apps like Draw Things and DiffusionBee for MacOS are vying to attract a loyal following. Each UI aims to balance user-friendliness, customization, and unique features.

With Stable Diffusion continuing to evolve through initiatives like SDXL, its potential still seems vast, especially considering it’s the most powerful open source AI Image Generator to date—and it’s still free. But having approachable tools like Automatic 1111 and InvokeAI puts this cutting-edge technology in the hands of everyday creators. And their new upgrades help users push AI art to the next level.

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