Content creators from OnlyFans creators are flocking to the buzzy new crypto app

Build on the newly launched Base network, is a Twitter-linked app that enables tokenized accounts into “keys.” Users that buy an account's keys, then get access to a private chat group of the respective accounts.

The migration of new users likely picked up speed after the app enabled sending photos on the app yesterday.


OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that lets accounts earn money for sharing their photos or videos. The content is often of an adult or explicit nature.

Popular OnlyFans accounts made up some of the top trending accounts on Friday morning.

A list of accounts on
The trending accounts on Source:

Around four OnlyFans content creators have entered the list of top 50 most-valuable accounts on alongside crypto influencers.

Ranked 13 on the list, JenfoxxUwU’s keys currently fetch 0.87 Ethereum, or $1,435, while her monthly OnlyFans subscription costs $3.75.


Several other users have noticed the influx of OnlyFans accounts on

Seraphim, a DeFi contributor at numerous projects like Lido and Vertex Protocol tweeted this morning, “we literally have OnlyFans girls on Friend Tech.”

It appears that the content creators are using the new social media app on Base to expand their reach and attract new users.

Some creators are also using the app to attract users to other platforms like Telegram. vs OnlyFans

With the inclusion of images on, both apps serve similar purposes: enabling paywalled content sharing.

With OnlyFans, the money goes directly to the content creator, albeit with some fees attached to it.

However, on, the ETH earned from selling keys are stored in a smart contract, which uses a bonding mechanism to price the keys based on the number of holders and keys sold.


According to Cryptokoryo’s Dune analytics dashboard for, the inflow of money into the smart contract registered a spike yesterday.

A chart with green bars moving up and to the right.
The amount of ETH transferred to contracts for key purchases. Source: Dune.

In total,116,036 users on the platform have deposited ETH worth $74.4 million on the app.

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