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Crypto exchange Open Exchange (OPNX) is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the popular crypto live-streaming Youtube channel, Crypto Banter. The showcase saw host Ran Neuner mention OPNX’s suite of crypto derivatives and claims offerings.

The partnership between OPNX & Crypto Banter extends beyond the main Crypto Banter show, hosted by Ran, and also includes Miles Deutscher's DeFi (decentralized finance) focussed show. Miles will explore the elements of the OPNX platform inspired by DeFi principles as part of the ongoing sponsorship.

Creating a new exchange standard

OPNX’s derivatives trading platform is driven by a powerful portfolio margin architecture that allows traders to leverage their entire portfolio of assets including OX – the native crypto staking, governance and fee paying token of the exchange. It features an innovative “Stake To Trade For Free” model, whereby users stake their OX within The Herd, the staking platform of OPNX, in order to get up to 100% trading fee rebates in perpetuity. This model is democratic and dynamically adjusting, creating fundamental alignment between the exchange and traders.

More recently, OPNX launched oUSD, its native credit currency. Soon, users will be able to use on-chain assets such as BTC, ETH, OX, sETH, RLB, PEPE and more as collateral with off-chain order matching, allowing for provable solvency and liquidation, with on-chain security of user funds. Put together, this forms the foundation of an exchange with CeFi performance and DeFi security. Since launch 2 months ago, OPNX has been steadily growing every week and is now averaging over $50M/day volume.

About Open Exchange (OPNX)

Open Exchange (OPNX) is an innovative new all-in-one exchange for accessing crypto spot, futures and claims trading, with a core focus on security and transparency.

The vision for OPNX spans two goals to solve the industry's biggest problems: First, to combine the best of Centralized and Decentralized finance to create a trading platform that optimizes for both performance and security.

Second, to facilitate the tokenization and trading of real world assets that currently face opaque and inefficient markets, starting with the $20B crypto bankruptcy claims market. OPNX users can now tokenize their Celsius and FTX claims and unlock immediate liquidity by using them as collateral to trade crypto futures on the platform.

About Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is a crypto live streaming Youtube channel, which includes Ran’s Main Show and Miles’ DeFi Show. The former is hosted by Ran Neuner and brings users the latest crypto news, hot stories, and features that cover altcoins, top founders, market trends, and market fundamentals, while the latter is hosted by Miles Deutscher and covers everything Decentralized Finance.

The Crypto Banter Youtube Channel was launched in September 2017 and has gained over 641k subscribers, establishing itself as one of the top crypto live-streaming channels.

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Leslie Lamb

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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