Cryptocurrency investment platform Abra announced it will add over 200 new cryptocurrencies next month, and today increased the number tokens available to trade by Abra’s US users to more than 60. The move brings the total number of cryptocurrencies that American customers can trade on Abra to 90. 

Instead of using your standard, non-blockchain money to bet on the stock market—like Google stocks, ETFs and the S&P 500—which can fluctuate in value, Abra lets you use your new-fangled, volatile, Internet money to bet on stocks and shares. Adding hundreds more tokens into the mix invites investors to try new trading strategies. 

“By far, the most requested product feature is support for more cryptocurrencies and the flexibility to easily invest in them. And today, that’s what we are delivering for our users,” said Bill Barhydt, CEO and founder of the San Francisco-based app, which was founded in 2014.


Bitcoin SV, aelf, Bancor,, Decred, Gnosis, and Hedera Hashgraph are among the new tokens for international users. For US users, new coins include Geocoin, Bitcoin SV, Aeon, and NAVCoin.

As part of a new update, Abra users can also deposit and withdraw stablecoins Tether, TrueUSD, Paxos and DAI directly to and from bank accounts.

In addition, US bank deposit and withdrawal limits have doubled to $4,000 per day, $8,000 per week, or $16,000 per month. That is, if you’re not a resident of New York, Connecticut, or Hawaii. 

Abra will also introduce new price performance charts this quarter, to “help users study markets and make informed decisions,” according to the company’s statement.

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