Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk has been confirmed as the latest high-profile name to speak at the Bitcoin 2020 conference, to take place over March 27 and 28, 2020. 

Announcing the news on Twitter, event organizers said they “wanted a Bitcoiner who has taken a counterculture mainstream.” They added: “Super stoked to announce Tony Hawk as that featured speaker.”

Hawk, who is known to be an avid Bitcoiner, certainly didn’t shy away from showing his excitement for speaking at the event in San Francisco next year. He replied, “Looking forward to it! I’ve been riding the Bitcoin transitions for over 5 years now. Which reminds me... should I bring my ramp?”


The announcement comes a few months after Hawk revealed that he’s been investing in Bitcoin for several years. In July 2019, he tweeted that he had been “riding it for 6 years” and hasn’t “bailed yet.”

It’s not known how much Bitcoin Hawk actually owns, seeing as Bitcoin was trading at near $1,000 for a large majority of 2013, it’s likely that whatever he bought is now worth nine times more.

Bitcoin 2020’s announcement has conjured up a great deal of positive reaction across Twitter, with many users commending the organizers’ decision to enlist Hawk as a speaker. 

One person tweeted, “Guess I have to go to Bitcoin2020 now. Awesome stuff.” And another had a special request for the event, asking, “Can we have a mini ramp at the conference? How can I help to make it happen?” 

Last year’s event was attended by 2,000 people, 100 speakers and 70 companies. So far, Tony Hawk and computer scientist Nick Szabo are the only confirmed lead speakers this time around.


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