Satoshis.Games, an 8-bit gaming platform, announced a new title that allows players to earn bitcoin at the Lightning Conference in Berlin this weekend.

While the platform has been live for the past four months, the announcement of Litenite represents the first time the developer plans to release a game on “all the major games distribution platforms” with examples given by the development team including Steam,, PlayStation and the firm’s native platform called Elixir. 

The game will work by players either earning or losing small amounts of bitcoin—as they progress through a multitude of in-game actions, such as: shooting a gun, being shot at, picking up items (from deceased players).


To power the Litenite game, Satoshi.Games will use the Lightning Network, a decentralized system for instant and high-volume Bitcoin micropayments. The network allows payments as low as 1 satoshi (worth $0.00008). In order to access micropayments, users will need to create a Bitcoin wallet with Lightning compatibility and add it to their account. 

Gamers who don’t want to use Bitcoin will still be able to access Litenite but will win points instead of crypto. These players will be able to use fiat currencies to purchase in-game items. “It would be great if everyone could use bitcoin, but mass adoption has to be reached one step at a time," said the developers in a Medium post.  

The game developer has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a soft-cap target of $50,000. Contributors will be able to access a range of perks including early access to the platform ($20) and “access to the development discord channel” to be part of development decisions like “choosing in-game assets, skins or ideas” for the new game for $1,000. 

The current roadmap suggests that early-access will be available by November 2020 with a full launch scheduled for early the following year. 


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