Chipotle is asking customers to buy the dip—the crypto, avocado, and dairy-based varieties. 

The fast-casual chain kicked off off a week-long promo today in which it’s giving away $200,000 in cryptocurrency and almost $2 million in guacamole and queso blanco dip.

The online game, “Buy the Dip,” runs through July 31, aka National Avocado Day. Over the course of the week, Chipotle will give out crypto prizes of varying amounts to 516 players, while some 700,000 others will receive vouchers for free food.

The cryptocurrency prizes, which range in cash value from $1,250 to $35,000 and will be awarded in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Dogecoin, will be deposited into verified winners’ Coinbase accounts, which are required to claim them.


We want to build the next generation of Chipotle fandom by connecting with the Web3 community,” Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring positivity to the crypto conversation.”

This is not the first time the restaurant chain has engaged with crypto. In April 2021, Chipotle ran a “Burritos or Bitcoin” promotion that gave away $100,000 in BTC.

In early June, Chipotle began accepting payment for all transactions in 98 different cryptocurrencies, via a Flexa-enabled app. All cryptocurrencies up for grabs this week can be used at Chipotle through Flexa.

For those who prefer their dips to be unassociated with crypto market volatility, the chain will be offering $0.01 guacamole and queso for all customers who purchase an entree—but only on July 31.


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