Prominent individuals are jumping on Bitcoin like never before.

Former rapper Robert Bryson Hall II, known by his stage name “Logic,” picked up $6 million worth of the pioneer cryptocurrency last month, he said on social app Instagram.

The move came as investors, fund managers, and enterprise software companies are turning to Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. But for Logic, the move was more of a YOLO—short for “You Live Only Once”—trade.


“My $6 million in Bitcoin last month. F*** it. YOLO. Seriously,” he said. The asset traded under $13,500 as of October, and has risen nearly 25% to its current $18,200 since.

But Bitcoin’s not the only niche asset Logic’s got his hands on. As per culture publication Complex, he once picked up a single Pokemon card worth $226,000 in an auction (the childhood playtime cards are undergoing somewhat of their own bull run these days).

Meanwhile, to commemorate his Bitcoin purchase, Logic changed the name of his account on social app Twitter to “Bobby Bitcoin” (it was Bobby Bathroom Break earlier).

Needless to say, tweets advertising his huge Bitcoin holdings followed. “Alright f*** Twitter I’m going to play chess and count my Bitcoin,” read one such tweet.


With 2.4 million followers at press time, that's a lot more exposure for Bitcoin.

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