[Updated at 18:00 GMT]

Want to endure three hours of conversation with Bitcoin-maniacs Jimmy Song and Tone Vays over a plate of BBQ-sauce-splattered steak? All for the bargain price of only $262.18? (“Alcohol not included.”) Then sign up to the boys’ impending “Brazilian BBQ and Bitcoin experience,” taking place in London on Feb 7, here.

But be warned, folks: “Tickets at the door will cost a lot more,” so get these babies quick before the price becomes, er, unreasonable.

Song, who appears to be running this mad scheme himself, emailed us to explain the lofty price tag:


"Like anything market-based," he wrote, "if we charged too low a price for the dinner, the dinner fills up way too quickly. Charging a higher price is a way to make attending the dinner fairer. We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from people that the high price filters for high quality guests and that it’s a better networking event than conferences that they pay 10x more for because you end up meeting so many more people in a more friendly context."

Sure, but what we really wanted to know is: are the steaks themselves worth it?

"Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to try out the comparative steaks in the area to be able to compare it well," Song responded. "Such are the hazards of doing these all over the world. Value is a subjective metric, so I'm sure some people will find [the steaks] the main reason for going, others the company." We'll just go for the steaks, then.

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