Alex Pack, a founding partner of Dragonfly Capital, has joined the Huobi Group, blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider which operates one of the largest centralized exchange platforms in the world Huobi announced today.

Last spring, Pack transitioned out of a full-time role as managing partner at Dragonfly, a cross-border crypto investment firm that invested in DeFi projects such as Compound, Maker, and Opyn. Today, Huobi announced that Pack has hired on as a corporate investment advisor, working closely with Huobi’s newly founded investment team led by Sharlyn Wu.

alex pack
Alex Pack

“Sharlyn and I have known each other for years, and I have always regarded her as one of the most long term, visionary crypto thinkers in China,” Pack said in a prepared statement. “Huobi can be a total game-changer for the burgeoning decentralized economy, and I’m excited to support its efforts.”


In addition to deal sourcing and due diligence, Pack will help finetune Huobi’s investment thesis and expand Huobi’s overseas presence, Wu said.

“Alex has one of the sharpest minds in crypto. Not only does he understand the macro impact of DeFi and crypto, he’s also able to drill down into the specifics of different projects,” she said. “Together, we will empower entrepreneurs from all over the world to build toward a new decentralized economy and revolutionize the existing financial system.”

Huobi has been aggressively expanding its presence outside of China. Its latest DeFi move adopted a consortium-oriented model, bringing together internationally acclaimed DeFi projects and Chinese home-grown ones.

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