In brief

  • Blockchain messaging app Sense Chat has partnered with Akoin as one of its first dapps.
  • Sense chat looks to become the de facto messaging system for the highly ambitious Akon City.
  • Akon City is underway after being awarded a $6 billion construction contract.

Blockchain messaging app Sense Chat has partnered with Akoin, the flagship crypto project of America philanthropist and singer-songwriter Akon, to bring private, decentralized messaging to the African market. 

With lofty ambitions of financial sovereignty, the Akoin cryptocurrency and wallet ecosystem will eventually act as the fundamental currency of Akon City—the Senegalese settlement established by none other than Akon.


Positioning itself as the de facto messaging service of Akon city, Sense Chat breaks ground as one of the first decentralized applications (dapp) within the Akoin network.

Built on the EOSIO blockchain, the crypto-enabled decentralized messaging service allows users to freely and privately text and video chat via an encrypted protocol. Additionally, users can discover each other and build communities through public channels.

Sense Chat also comes equipped with an integrated wallet and native cryptocurrency, dubbed SENSE, allowing community builders, brands, and influencers to reward followers for contributing—key facets of Akoin's community-building ethos.

"We are beyond excited to partner with Sense Chat at Akoin," said Lynn Liss, Akoin's COO & co-founder. "Building a passionate community, including secure messaging, are critical features for social ventures such as Akoin to succeed.”

“Having a product of Sense Chat's quality, with cutting edge activation features, available within the Akoin ecosystem will benefit our users massively. We're looking forward to bringing this to life with the Make Sense Labs team," she added.


Akon City recently secured a $6 billion contract for construction, awarding it to KE International—a US-based engineering and consulting firm.

The first phase of Akon City, pegged for completion in 2023, will see the construction of roads, residences, hotels, a police station, and a school, among other integral infrastructure. The second phase will run from 2024 to 2029, ending with a fully complete city running solely on Akoin.

"Akoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency venture poised to bring meaningful social impact across Africa," said Autumn Penaloza, Sense Chat Partnerships Manager "As avid supporters of self-sovereignty and community empowerment, Sense Chat makes a powerful, natural alignment to help Akoin engage their audience and drive adoption."

With the addition of Sense Chat, Akon city is one step closer to realization—that $6 billion construction contract is likely to help as well.  

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