Torus releases DirectAuth, making it easier to access Web 3.0

Key-management startup Torus aims to streamline the way we interact with Web 3 apps. That’s why it built DirectAuth.

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Torus unveils key management system DirectAuth. Image: Torus Labs

Private key-management startup Torus today unveiled DirectAuth—a non-custodial key management solution enabling one-click logins to decentralized apps (dapps).

Tasking itself with streamlining access to crypto-centric applications, Torus has devised DirectAuth, facilitating the management of app-specific private keys and providing frictionless in-app transactions.

Building on the Torus Wallet, DirectAuth allows participating apps and dapps to assign, store and generate private keys on the Torus network. Once integrated, applications can develop their own UX, employing unique user interfaces and login systems via the firm's software development kit.

How Torus works. Image: Torus Labs

With DirectAuth, Torus aims to negate the restrictive nature of blockchain applications. More often than not, interaction with crypto apps demands confirmations at every turn, blemishing the user experience. For those wanting to simply play a game, or send messages, these relentless permissions act as a veritable obstacle to adoption.

Being blockchain agnostic, DirectAuth is compatible both within web applications and dapps, allowing developers to easily integrate regardless of their chosen infrastructure. As such, Torus is utilized by a wide range of projects from several blockchain ecosystems, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Zilliqa and Cosmos.

Torus' network of blockchain ecosystems. Image: Torus Labs

DirectAuth is quickly finding its feet after being integrated into Apps, including SkyWeaver, a blockchain-centric trading card game, and Good Dollar, a universal basic income app—which seems more than appropriate.

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