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Stepping into the crypto spotlight, UXLINK is excited to announce its first-ever airdrop event, set to be one of the biggest this year. Dubbed "In UXLINK We Trust," this event has captured widespread interest, highlighting a significant moment for the UXLINK community.

According to their latest tweet, the airdrop will be categorized into 4 different levels based on odyssey and contribution to the UXLINK community, and 4 sets of themed NFTs will be issued, with community voting on the NFT theme words currently underway.

Based on the current UXLINK's size of over 5 million users, even if the first season airdrop goes to 10% of users, more than 500,000 people will receive UXLINK's governance token $UXLINK, which will potentially be the largest airdrop so far this year. UXLINK is currently the world's largest social platform based on Web3-enabled groups and supports crypto-asset issuance and trading.

Within the UXLINK ecosystem, the $UXLINK token plays a crucial role. As a governance token, it empowers the community with decision-making authority and captures the value of projects and products. UXLINK has established a robust token supply and distribution strategy, with 65% of tokens allocated to the community, 21.25% to investors, 8.75% to the team, and 5% to the treasury, ensuring a fair distribution process. The total token supply does not exceed 1 billion tokens.

The token release schedule varies for stakeholders. Community tokens will be airdropped monthly with no set lock-up period. Partner and team tokens will be released after a certain lock-up period to ensure the project's long-term development. UXLINK's community distribution strategy is closely tied to users' and builders' Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Link (POL) contributions. The release of $UXLINK tokens correlates directly with the number of eligible users and adjusts based on the network's growth trajectory.

UXLINK's airdrop event is not just a token distribution but a testament to its trust and commitment to the community. Through strict distribution policies and innovative airdrop mechanisms, UXLINK aims to bring substantial rewards to its community members and lead the development of the new Web3 social era.


UXLINK is an innovative web3 social platform designed for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest web3 social network and social infrastructure for Dapps and developers. In contrast to most web3 social projects that often form following/one-way relationships, UXLINK focuses on real-world social/two-ways relationship and enables real-time interactions between users with users, Dapps with users by innovative Groups tools and protocols.

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