Heroes of Mavia, a recently released mobile strategy game, today launched its MAVIA token and conducted an airdrop to 100,000 players—along with holders of some 10,000 Ethereum NFT land plots in the game.

The MAVIA token on Ethereum debuted early Tuesday and has spiked in value, jumping about 36% to a current price of nearly $3.10, per data from CoinGecko. The platform reported about $95 million worth of trading volume on exchanges like Bybit and Crypto.com, with a current market cap of over $92 million.

Developed by Skrice Studios, Heroes of Mavia is a iOS and Android strategy game that’s very similar in approach to the smash mobile hit Clash of Clans. Heroes of Mavia will implement the MAVIA crypto token, however, and Skrice has sold NFT land plots that will be integrated into the game.

According to Skrice, more than a million people downloaded the game following its release last week. The studio launched an airdrop program for 100,000 total players who synced their game account to the Heroes of Mavia website, and all 100,000 slots were quickly filled ahead of the token launch.


Furthermore, people who own the Ethereum land plots and participated in NFT staking programs that began in early 2022 will also receive a share of tokens.

Skrice Studios has raised over $8 million in funding to date, with backers including Binance Labs, Crypto.com Capital, and Animoca Brands.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.


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