Andrew Tate floated the idea of launching his own crypto token on Twitter, backed by $100 million of his own cash—but deleted the pitch when the reception he received wasn't exactly a warm one.

The self-proclaimed misogynist and accused human trafficker famously disavowed crypto last summer. "I do not have anything to do with any crypto," he tweeted in all caps. "I'm not a scammer like every other ‘influencer.’ I don't need to rob my fans."


Tate has had a fraught relationship with cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin in particular. He based a significant portion of his public persona on excessive wealth that was built in part on investing in Bitcoin. As he faced prosecution for rape and human trafficking, officials in Romania seized millions of dollars in homes, luxury cars, expensive watches—and 21 Bitcoin.

He could still recover 21 of those seized Bitcoin, Protos reported last week—and now he seems to be warming to the idea of his own coin.

Andrew Tate's now-deleted tweet.

His now-deleted pitch for a coin—which he promises he will "never sell"—said that he'd back it with $100 million and that he'd give early access and a discount to members of his so-called “university.”

“Then, because I’m the most famous man alive, I’ll promote it everywhere; let you all make money," he promised. He added that he would do it if the tweet received 50,000 retweets.

It's unclear if he made that goal before removing the post. But the announcement reverberated across crypto Twitter. Some degens were in—whether or not they were fans of Tate—while others pointed out his apparent hypocrisy.


There were also, of course, memes.

Tate subsequently posted a new message telling his followers to sign up for his email newsletter instead.

“I will not explain,” Tate said cryptically. “But the action takers will find out.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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