Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has gotten off to a rough start with critics and everyday gamers alike, in part because of so much recycled content—but there’s fresh stuff coming soon to try and win back players.

Activision offered a sneak peek Friday at the content coming in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s first season update, including totally new multiplayer maps, zombie mode upgrades, and a fresh Warzone battle royale map with various gameplay enhancements in tow. 

Three 6v6 maps will be added, with two available on launch day: Meat, set in a slaughterhouse, and Greece, modeled after a coastal Mediterranean town. A third brand new 6v6 map called Rio will come later in the season. The Gunfight 2v2 mode will also be added with the new Training Facility map, which includes “a central shoot house and plentiful climbing opportunities.”

On the Zombies side, players will be able to enter Dark Aether Rifts that provide a “sinister and chaotic challenge.” A new Wonder Weapon called the Friend Zone will “transform enemies, Zombie or Human, into loyal allies,” the post said.


Season 1 will also bring a new Warzone map called Urzikstan that Activision said incorporates 11 major points of interest. The publisher said Warzone will be updated with Modern Warfare III movement mechanics like slide canceling and tac stance.

There’s no release date yet for the Season 1 update, which will be free for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III owners. However, given the middling early momentum around the game, Activision may be aiming to get it out sooner than later.

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Andrew Hayward.


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