Business simulation game Legacy is now available for PC and Mac on the Gala Games platform, giving players the chance to test their strategic smarts against each other to win in-game prizes, bragging rights and potentially Gala Games’ GALA token.

Developed by 22cans, Legacy puts players in charge of a fledgling company. Players design products, manage the production process and eventually build a whole town to support the economy they’ve created.

At the heart of the game are hourly competitive events including design and sales competitions. The former sees players compete to design the most creative products, with the winners voted on by the community. In sales competitions, players compete to sell the greatest quantity or the highest value of products within the time limit.

The winners receive Legacy Tickets, which can be converted into Gala Games’ GALA token once a day.

Competitions are accessed using Gems, the game’s in-game currency. These can be mined using a Gem Mine rewarded through initial gameplay, or purchased using Gala Games’ GALA token.

Keys, Land, Deeds and Guilds

Legacy is free to play, but all players play using keys held by Deed owners. Key players are linked to Deed owners by choosing a key when they start the game They become part of the Deed owner’s Guild, and a portion of any tickets they earn (clearly labeled when you select a key) will go to the Deed owner.

Legacy. Image: Gala Games

Deed owners are issued with a number of Keys that varies based on the Deed’s rarity, with rare Deeds also receiving a Legacy Ticket multiplier that can increase the Legacy Ticket haul by up to three times. Deeds are unique digital property that can be bridged to Ethereum and sold on secondary markets.

A future update to the game will enable Deeds to be leveled up, with updates remaining with the minted item permanently, and will also add Buildings to the game, offering buffs such as worker efficiency boosts and accelerated research. Like Deeds, some Buildings will be digital property minted on GalaChain, while others will only be available in-game.

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