Hacking channels have started posting videos on adult entertainment site Pornhub, as a result of getting kicked off YouTube. ThugCrowd started doing so last year and yesterday NotDan decided to follow suit.

“My Pornhub Hacking Channel is now LIVE! Check out my first video (the USB-C one) and get ready for much more! I will be putting my streaming archives here from now on,” NotDan tweeted.


YouTube has started purging more channels from its site over the last year. Hacking channels have been axed for promoting illegal activity, parkour runners have been demonetized for showing videos of trespassing and, at the end of last year, many Bitcoin and crypto-related channels were purged purely by accident.

But despite YouTube’s attempts to make amends, further channels were blocked in January, and some channels still have black marks—putting uncertainty over their businesses. But is Pornhub the answer?

“Sure, we discussed it as during the YouTube purge,” Alex Saunders, founder of Nugget’s News told Decrypt, adding, “Obviously it's a bit Taboo so we probably wouldn't want to be sending our entire audience there. But as a backup option for content, why not?”

Saunders explained that he chose not to go down that route because he already uplaods his videos to several decentralized video platforms, including LBRY. “It's a funny world we live in when Pornhub is a safer place for content creators than mainstream platforms,” he said.

Another crypto YouTuber said the recent crackdowns were an opportunity for Pornhub. “This is a free market at its best, if some content is not welcome on one platform there will be another platform seizing the opportunity!” Ivan Liljeqvist, who runs IvanOnTech, told Decrypt. However, he added that he wouldn’t personally use it.


Pornhub welcomes crypto content

But what does Pornhub think? Not only did it welcome NotDan joining its platform, but it says it’s more than willing to host crypto content.

“Pornhub welcomes all content, be it pornographic or not, so long as it complies with our Terms of Service,” said Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, who noted that Pornhub hosts a “Safe For Work” category that features content without nudity.

“We’ve also collaborated with renowned musicians, including Borgore and Mykki Blanco, among others to debut their music videos, which are featured on our site,” Price added. “We are constantly striving to diversify the content on our platform and cater to our entire user base.”

So, where YouTube's failing crypto channels, Pornhub could very well end up filling the gap.

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