Twitter co-founder and current CEO of fintech firm Block Jack Dorsey appears to have officially endorsed Robert Kennedy Jr., a pro-Bitcoin Democrat presidential candidate.

He took to Twitter on Sunday to share a video clip of Fox News’s Harris Faulkner interviewing Kennedy titled: “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. argues he can beat Trump and DeSantis in 2024.”

Dorsey added to the clip: “He can and will.”

Dorsey is a long-time Bitcoin supporter, who has expressed his belief in its potential to become a global currency.


In 2014, Dorsey said that Bitcoin could become the "native currency of the internet." He has continued to promote Bitcoin and blockchain technology through his various ventures, including Block’s Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Asked by one user whether he was endorsing Kennedy, or "just predicting," Dorsey replied: "Both."

Other users suggested that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) would never allow Kennedy to become the Democratic candidate, to which Dorsey responded “Even more reason” and “True but they seem to be more irrelevant by the day.”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets pro-Bitcoin

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of the assassinated President John F. Kennedy, and has practiced law for several decades, specializing in environmental law and serving as a prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice.

In recent years, he gained attention for his controversial stance on COVID-19 vaccines, specifically expressing concerns about vaccine safety and advocating for more rigorous testing and regulation.

Speaking at the recent Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, Kennedy revealed that he took an interest in Bitcoin after the Canadian government's controversial decision to crack down on truck drivers protesting against lockdowns by freezing their bank accounts.

“As president, I will make sure that your right to hold and use Bitcoin is inviolable,” Kennedy said, describing the leading cryptocurrency as “a bulwark against precisely this kind of government and corporate expansion and intrusion.”

The Democratic presidential candidate also criticized the government-led campaign against the digital assets industry, calling it a “war on crypto,” as well as the plans for creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

CBDCs, according to Kennedy, “will allow the government to freeze your assets or limit your spending,” as well as “to surveil all our private financial affairs.” Kennedy’s stance on CBDCs echoed statements made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Republican presidential nominee, who went as far as banning CBDCs from the Sunshine State last month.

In a CNN poll released last week, the 69-year-old Kennedy received 20% support with current President Joe Biden at 60%.

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