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MetaToken is an iGaming project on Ethereum and TON, poised for explosive growth after successfully closing a $5 million private funding round on April 21st. This significant investment by Venture Capitalists, angel investors, and players of metatokens project, fuels further development, expands their iGaming ecosystem, and sets the stage for the anticipated public sale of their native token, $MTK.

The MetaToken presale kicks off on June 15, 2024, offering early access to the $MTK token and exclusive benefits for participants, such as discounts on token purchases, early access to future features, and the opportunity to play a vital role in shaping the MetaToken community. The public sale follows on July 15, 2024, making the $MTK token widely available. This broader participation will further fuel the growth of the MetaToken ecosystem and empower a wider range of gamers to embrace the opportunities presented by iGaming.

MetaToken is tackling entry barriers and complex mechanics challenges head-on by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers players of all experience levels. Their recent private round success is a testament to the growing demand for such solutions.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming support we received during our private round," said Dmitry, CEO of MetaToken. "This funding validates our vision for building a thriving ecosystem. It empowers us to provide scholarships, educational resources, and a supportive community, ultimately enabling gamers worldwide to unlock the full potential of the iGaming revolution."

MetaToken’s Path and Vision 

Launched in early 2023, MetaToken has transcended the limitations of a typical online casino. Players can now enjoy a diverse selection of potentially high-yield games and lotteries alongside lucrative crypto staking opportunities. However, the vision extends far beyond.

Gambleverse is an immersive Web3 gambling ecosystem powered by the $MTK token, which offers players a thrilling experience with the potential to earn real-world rewards. $MTK token holders will gain access to unique, in-demand games unavailable to the general player base, like immersive VR poker with real dealers, all taking place within your personalized VR space. 

Also, the project aims to empower entrepreneurs and introduces a custom, AI-powered white-label solution. This allows aspiring entrepreneurs to create and manage their own Web3 casinos, complete with built-in tools and ready-made assets. MetaToken's white label enables everyone, from casino proprietors to everyday users, to start their own Web3 casino, creating fresh opportunities in the gaming industry.

The company embraces a philosophy that goes beyond simple gambling. By investing in $MTK tokens, players contribute to the growth of the ecosystem's liquidity pool. This, in turn, fuels the casino's expansion into new markets and potential increased profitability. As a result, token holders unlock a wider range of opportunities to potentially earn within the Web3 gambling sphere.

$MTK Tokenomics

The $MTK token serves as the backbone of the Gambleverse, facilitating various functionalities within the ecosystem. $MTK will be used for in-game purchases, different applications, governance voting rights, and participation in exclusive events within the Gambleverse. Moreover, $MTK owners will get a chance to become the casino’s "co-founders," sharing its success: 45% of the net profits will be distributed weekly among the stakers. 

A total of 1 billion $MTK tokens will be minted, with a fair distribution allocated for the private round, presale, public sale, team, advisors, marketing, and the GameFi treasury. Specific details regarding the distribution percentages will be available on the MetaToken website closer to the presale date.

Security and transparency are paramount for MetaToken. To instill confidence within the Web3 gaming community, the project is currently undergoing a comprehensive audit by a leading blockchain security firm. This audit will meticulously assess the $MTK token's smart contracts and underlying infrastructure, maintaining the highest levels of security and transparency.

About MetaToken

MetaToken is an immersive casino harnessing Web3 technology to disrupt the current gambling experience. MetaToken shares its potential on-chain profits with players who invest in its $MTK token liquidity pool and burns 50% of player losses to decrease the token’s supply.

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