The AI Film Academy is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at democratizing the film industry through AI and blockchain technologies. On 28 May, the Academy launches with its inaugural ceremony The AI Film Awards in partnership with Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon. Led by co-founders Clare Maguire and Leo Crane, this transformative event marks a significant milestone in the intersection of technology and entertainment.

The AI Film Academy is committed to breaking down barriers and providing resources for aspiring filmmakers to unleash their creativity and thrive in the industry. Maguire emphasized the importance of inclusivity in creative industries: "For too long, studios and corporations have restricted opportunities to a privileged few, those within the system who have access to huge budgets and exclusive networks. With AI and blockchain, we are breaking down these barriers and empowering creatives worldwide."

Crane, a prominent figure in the art world, highlighted the role of blockchain technology in enabling creators to build sustainable careers and reach new audiences: "Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way creatives can monetize, distribute and authenticate their work," Crane said. "It provides unprecedented transparency and opens up new avenues for artists to connect with audiences and collectors."

The AI Film Awards will take place at the prestigious Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon, featuring a star-studded lineup of jury members, including AI pioneers Claire Silver, Vincent D'Onofrio, Laurence Fuller, and others, alongside emerging talent from an open call across six continents. The event will also showcase cutting-edge collaborations with partners such as SuperRare, Muse Frame, Bright Moments and Zora, among others, as well as immersive experiences from featured
AI artists.

Highlighting the convergence of art and technology, the AI Film Awards will culminate in a mesmerizing musical performance by renowned DJ Agoria, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees.

"This event marks a significant leap forward for the film industry, bridging the gap between creativity and technology," said John Karp Founder of Non Fungible Conference. "Clare Maguire and Leo Crane are true pioneers in this space, and the AI Film Awards will undoubtedly shape the future of filmmaking."

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About AI Film Awards

The AI Film Awards is an annual awards ceremony organized by the AI Film Academy, dedicated to promoting innovation and inclusivity in the film industry through AI and blockchain technologies.

Founded by Clare Maguire and Leo Crane, the AI Film Academy empowers aspiring filmmakers and revolutionizes the way film is created, distributed, and monetized.

About Non Fungible Conference

NFC is a bold, experimental festival attracting almost 5,000 digital changemakers to Lisbon with 230 speakers and 65 partnerships. For this very special third edition, NFC is teaming up with other incredible event organisers including the AI Film Academy. It is set to break new ground in the digital-physical experience.

About the Founders

Clare Maguire has managed, advised and led brands, entrepreneurs, creators and businesses for over a decade. She is an expert in tech, growth, marketing, social media, blockchain + AI technology and more.

Clare has helped to grow companies to achieve audiences of over 50 million and is an angel investor in Blockchain and AI startups.

Leo Crane is a producer, artist and educator. For 25 years, he has bridged physical and digital industries, founding three creative studios and forging long-standing relationships with cultural institutions, including V&A and Sotheby’s Institute. Specialising in animation, Leo’s work has been widely exhibited, published and broadcast, winning multiple awards. He runs the London-based studio Figuration.

AI Film Awards: Jury

Vincent D’Onofrio, actor, producer, director, writer

Laurence Fuller, storyteller, actor, poet

Claire Silver, AI pioneer

Alejandro Cartagena, Fellowship founder

Chikai, artist, collector, co-creator Google Earth

Nygilia, artist, Rug Radio Africa

Justin Trimble, Braindrops founder

Ingrid-Mery Haziot, digital & entertainment lawyer

AI Film Awards: Featured Artists


Bright Moments

Fantastic Planet


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