A kid and his mom begged viewers on their livestream to invest in their meme coin LIVEMOM while she bounced her boobs on camera.

Then things got weird.

The Kick stream, titled “live with mom,” launched early this morning and lasted just under an hour of the pair urging viewers to hit market cap milestones. If and when the market cap grew, the boy would do something degrading, like eating dog food, or his mom would sexualize herself, like doing 15 squats in front of the camera. And the ploy worked—at least, for a while.

After the pair abruptly ended the livestream and deleted the associated social media accounts, the price of the token crashed, with early LIVEMOM buyers claiming the duo had rugged. Yet, somehow, the price of the token is now going up, as degen traders gravitate toward the LIVEMOM “lore.”


“Do you wanna see him pour milk over these 36DDs?” the woman in the video, who claimed to be the boy’s mother, said to the livestream, bouncing her breasts at the camera. “[My son] actually suckled on these. Now he’s going to get to pour milk on them.” 

Incestuous degeneracy apparently goes viral quickly. The stream peaked at around 1,500 viewers within minutes. In turn, the token began to pump as eggs were cracked on the kid’s head, and the family begged viewers to pump the coin.

Messages like “One nipple at 300K, deal?” flooded the chat. “Dudes 13 and pimping out his mom,” another said while others begged, “TAKE IT OFF PLS.”


According to a viewer of the livestream, a pseudonymous trader who goes by “Doonhamer,” the token’s price directly correlated with what the mom was doing. If she went off screen, the token would drop. If she shook her boobs, the token would pump.

“We were baffled, dude, we couldn’t believe it. This prepubescent, but also could have been of age, kid with his mom enticing viewers to buy a coin with his mom shaking the assets, the marketing,” pseudonymous viewer Shamrock told Decrypt. “I was laughing my ass off, until he rugged.”

To be clear, we don’t know if the pair in the video are really mother and son, only that they portrayed themselves this way. It’s also possible that the male in the video is of age, though appears to be quite young. It’s also unclear if the pair cashed out and caused the price of the token to crash, but deleting social media accounts and ghosting your “investors” are the hallmarks of a cryptocurrency rug pull—a type of scam that is all too common in the space.

When the token touched the $300,000 market cap milestone—which would have resulted in the mom doing 15 squats—the kid said that his phone ran out of battery. Viewers of the stream didn’t buy it. “Oh my phone died, damn damn damn,” the kid said, according to livestream viewers who spoke with Decrypt, suggesting his phone was the webcam, “We’ll run it back tomorrow.”

At this same time, the token crashed from $310,000 market cap down to $129,000 in less than five minutes. 

Half an hour later, the stream came back on with a new token LIVEMOM2. Egg had been washed out of the kid's hair and the mom had changed her top. But this 15 minute stream didn’t see as much success, instantly falling to zero after reaching a $100,000 market cap.


Since then, the project’s Kick and Twitter account have both been taken down. The duo has gone dark, yet to be heard from again.

Since the initial crash, early buyers of the LIVEMOM token have reclaimed the project, in a sort of “community takeover,” by embracing the livestream as lore. At the time of writing, investors have pumped the token up to a $835,000 market cap with nearly 200 people in a Telegram voice chat discussing the chaos.


The views and opinions expressed by the author are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice.

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