Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is losing one of its top executives.

In a press release issued today, Andy Cheung—COO of the trading platform—announced he’ll be leaving his post with OKEx to focus on his new blockchain consultancy institute, BitWork.

The institute will be based in Hong Kong and staffed with a “team of experienced blockchain experts,” according to the release. The firm aims to provide marketing, advisory, event management and fundraising services to several cryptocurrency-related projects and businesses.


“My goal is to drive mass cryptocurrency adoption, but my contribution can be very limited in a cryptocurrency exchange,” Cheung said in a statement. “BitWork will help answer and provide solutions by helping more projects to get exposure and connecting them to different markets.”

Cheung had worked with OKEx since it first opened its doors in 2017 and managed the company’s marketing and public relations department. Among the accoldates listed in today’s announcement is Cheung’s distinction as a “top crypto influencer” by industry publications.

Neither OKEx nor BitWork indicated who would take on Cheung’s duties, though it appears that he or she may have some big, “influential” shoes to fill.

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