Those sending and receiving cryptocurrencies can now register for the remaining three character .ETH addresses using the Ethereum Name Service.

On November 6th, ENS took to Twitter to announce that its auctions are over and that all remaining ETH addresses are available for instant registration. 

Launched in 2017, ENS offers a secure and decentralized platform where users can create and register crypto addresses using popular domains such as .ETH, xyz, .luxe, .art, and .kred.

ENS is powered by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it more secure than most DNS systems. Anyone is able to register for an .ETH domain, but they’ll typically have to take part in an auction to get hold of one. 


Its last ETH name auction took place between September 1st and November 5th, attracting 50,355 bids for 7,670 names. “The average number of bids was 6.56, and the average amount was 0.74 ETH,” wrote the company in a Medium post.

For those who didn’t take part in this auction, the company said: “If you missed the auctioning period but still want to register remaining short names, all remaining +3 character .ETH names are available for instant registration via our ENS Manager.”

To register for a remaining .ETH name, users must be using either Chrome or Brave as their web browser. For people using Chrome, they’ll have to install a MetaMask extension, and Brave users will need to enable it.

Mobile users can also register to get one of the remaining .ETH names, although they’ll need Coinbase Wallet, Status, or another mobile Ethereum browser.


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