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In an innovative stride within the web3 sphere, Crypto Gambinos, developed by Phantom Labs Pty Ltd, proudly announces the sale of its exclusive NFT collection after the successful launch of the $MOBCOIN token. With the $MOBCOIN presale complete, the token is now publicly available for trading on Uniswap. This strategic initiative aims to merge the realms of digital artistry with blockchain utility through a unique narrative and comprehensive ecosystem.

A New Era in Digital Storytelling

Crypto Gambinos' NFT collection is a testament to the project's commitment to combining meticulous artistry with immersive storytelling. This collection features a diverse cast of characters, each integral to the Crypto Gambinos family narrative, inviting collectors to partake in a journey of ambition, power, and legacy. 

With a total of 7,777 unique pieces, the collection offers varying levels of rarity, from The Don to Associates and Soldiers. To reflect current market conditions and ETH's fluctuating gas fees, Crypto Gambinos has slashed the NFT mint price by 50%. Previously priced at 0.02 ETH, each NFT can now be minted for 0.01 ETH.

As a special incentive, NFT holders will automatically be airdropped 10,000 $MOB coins once the NFT sale is complete.

Empowering Community and Innovation

In conjunction with the NFT launch, Crypto Gambinos is proud to introduce $MOBCOIN, a token designed to empower the community through governance and serve as an in-game currency within the ecosystem. 

With a fixed supply of 777,777,777 tokens, $MOBCOIN underscores the project's vision for stability and sustainable growth. The pre-sale of $MOBCOIN, hosted on PinkSale Finance, offers early investors an opportunity to be at the forefront of this innovative venture.

A Commitment to Security and Transparency

Understanding the importance of trust and security in the web3 ecosystem, Crypto Gambinos has ensured that the $MOBCOIN token underwent a rigorous security audit, the details of which are publicly available. This step reaffirms the project's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and transparency for its community.

Roadmap to the Future

Crypto Gambinos sets forth an ambitious roadmap, beginning with the integration of $MOBCOIN into the NFT project and the development of an in-game economy. The journey continues with the implementation of profit-sharing and treasury redistribution mechanisms, designed to reward the community and foster a thriving ecosystem.

About Crypto Gambinos

Crypto Gambinos, developed by Phantom Labs Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, is at the forefront of the intersection between digital art, storytelling, and blockchain technology. The project offers a unique blend of NFTs that are more than mere digital assets; they are tokens of a larger, evolving narrative. The introduction of $MOBCOIN further enhances this narrative, providing a means for community governance and in-game utility. Crypto Gambinos is not just a project; it is a community, a narrative, and a pioneering force in the web3 domain.


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To participate in this revolutionary project and for a chance to mint a piece of the Crypto Gambinos legacy, visit the official website. The $MOBCOIN pre-sale is now live on PinkSale, offering an early opportunity to engage with the future of digital assets and community-driven development.


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