Nifty Island, a social multiplayer game featuring NFTs from over 100 collections, announced a new quest in its play-to-airdrop campaign on Tuesday. The quest will last all week and give players a chance to earn Legendary Palms NFTs.

In a previous announcement, Nifty Island noted that Legendary Palms—which are minted on Ethereum—play a special role in the play-to-airdrop campaign, which is designed to incentivize play through the potential to earn token rewards.

They’re the only asset that will increase a player’s airdrop tier during the campaign. A player's tier is based on their NFT holdings, and a higher tier means a larger ISLAND allocation once the token is eventually generated.

Nifty Island focuses on user-generated content (UGC), similar to Roblox or Fortnite’s Creative mode. Players can build up their own islands and create games for other users to play, earn in-game currency called Blooms, and spend their Blooms on items such as different NFT-inspired skins for their characters or decor for their island.


The team behind Nifty Island has run its play-to-airdrop campaign since January, letting players earn more ISLAND via activities such as completing challenges or increasing foot traffic to their island.

During the latest quest, players who own the top 15 most popular islands will be rewarded with a Legendary Palm NFT. Also, players who earn at least 30,000 Blooms during the quest period will be entered into a raffle to win Legendary Palms, along with other rewards.

Curious on how to make the most of Nifty Island’s play-to-airdrop campaign? Decrypt’s GG recently spoke with Nifty Island co-founder Charles Smith to get his tips, as well as some insight into how the team is approaching incentives now and into the future.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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