The Solana Saga smartphone has been given a shot in the arm thanks to airdrop buzz. The rising price of leading Solana meme coin BONK helped juice the value of a token airdrop for holders, prompting a frenzy to snatch up the last units in December—and now the Saga is sold out, with demand even exceeding the expected supply.

Solana Labs says it is weighing potential future moves in the Saga ecosystem, but in the meantime, other Solana-based projects are keeping the excitement alive by launching their own token airdrops for Saga owners.

YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD called the Saga the “bust of the year,” but these airdrops have Saga buyers feeling pretty good about their purchases. Saga owners who claimed every airdrop and free perk—and held onto them all—now have thousands of dollars' worth of free tokens and NFTs.

If you managed to grab a Solana Saga before the sellout, here are the current airdrops and perks you can claim right now, upcoming token airdrops that have been teased, and past benefits that early Saga owners were able to claim.


Current airdrops


Solana’s top meme coin helped spur renewed buzz around the Saga, as traders realized that BONK’s rapidly rising price meant that the airdrop was more valuable than the phone’s price. Saga owners can claim 30 million BONK tokens, which is about $500 worth as of this writing. At BONK’s peak price last month it would’ve been $1,025 worth.

Access Protocol

Content monetization platform Access Protocol got in on the Saga airdrop frenzy in December, announcing that it was giving out 100,000 ACS tokens to each phone owner. The drop undoubtedly gave Access Protocol significant exposure and led to a significant surge in price for the token, pushing that airdrop to a value of about $370 at the time. It's a little over $250 worth as of this writing.



Another Solana-based dog coin, the long-running Samoyedcoin (SAMO), has gotten in on the Solana Saga buzz. The project launched its airdrop for Saga owners on January 9 after teasing it in December, and owners can claim 1,250 SAMO. That's not a huge sum—less than $20 worth as of this writing—but free money is free money. The project also launched tools to help other Solana builders launch their own Saga airdrops with ease.

Saga Monkes

An NFT project called Saga Monkes was spun up in early January, with one of the NFTs airdropped to 8,505 wallets. Quickly, the NFTs were being flipped for significant sums, with the price floor—that is, the price of the cheapest listed item—reaching about $1,250 worth of Solana. As of this writing, they still start above $600 worth of SOL.


Solana-based mobile game Honeyland offers a free perk to all Saga owners in the form of a free claim of 50 HXD tokens and a “Beemium” in-game upgrade, which typically costs $30. Granted, 50 HXD tokens is worth only a little more than $5 as of this writing, but with the upgrade it’s a potentially nice little boost for getting started in the game.


Upcoming airdrops


Solana-based gaming platform MixMob recently launched its first title, Racer 1, and revealed plans to Decrypt to launch an upcoming MXM token airdrop—both for early players and supporters, as well as for Saga owners. The Saga airdrop will come alongside an exclusive tournament and benefits for phone owners early this year.


Lending protocol Solend is planning its own airdrop for Saga owners, with pseudonymous founder Rooter tweeting on December 16 that such plans are in the works. No further details have followed yet, but the SLND token has popped 24% over the last week. He also teased a separate airdrop for “past and current Solend users.”

Degens Factory

Degens Factory, a Solana-based brand in the making, is set to deploy a DGN token in the near future—and on Christmas Day, pseudonymous founder and CEO Urkann tweeted that the project had "set aside a bag" of DGN for Solana Saga owners. No further details are available yet, but it's yet another prospective airdrop to look forward to for Saga users.

Additional perks

Earning SHDW


ShdwDrive, a decentralized storage platform for Web3 builders, will let Saga owners mine SHDW tokens by running an “Auditor Node.” What does that mean? Apparently, you’ll just be able to open up and run an app that helps support the network, and earn tokens in the process. This feature does not appear to be live yet, as of this writing.

Helium Mobile

Saga owners in the United States can claim a free month-long trial of Helium Mobile, the crypto-powered 5G wireless service built atop the Helium network—which is now running on the Solana blockchain. This perk is valued at $20.

Wolf Capital NFT

Wolf Capital, a Solana lending and borrowing aggregator, is airdropping a free animated wolf NFT to all Saga owners, along with a custom wallpaper that can be used on the phone. The project said it will send out the NFTs in daily waves to newly activated Saga wallets ahead of launching an eventual claim website.

Stake for ELE


Upcoming Solana-based game Elementerra is offering Saga Genesis NFT holders the ability to stake the NFT pass and earn ELE tokens in the process. It’s part of the lead-up process before the game’s official launch in January 2024.

Genopets toy

Move-to-earn Solana game Genopets also offers a free perk for Saga owners: You can claim a free in-game “Saga Phone Toy” and get started with an extra benefit.

Past perks

Claynosaurz: Call of Saga

Early Saga owners were able to claim one of 2,000 free Claynosaurz: Call of Saga NFTs exclusive to Saga Genesis NFT holders. This free benefit is long past claimed, but those Saga owners have been rewarded for being early adopters—if they held, that is. The NFTs now start at a price of 22 SOL on Magic Eden, or about $2,050 worth.

Magic Eden


Prominent Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden offered Saga users a “Magic Box” containing 25 USDC, or $25 worth of the stablecoin. It was available to the first 5,000 Saga users, so it ought to be fully claimed by the time you read this.

Edited by Guillermo Jimenez

Editor's note: This story was originally posted on December 21, 2023 and last updated with new information on January 11, 2024.

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