Ever wanted to play classic games like Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye 007 in blistering 4K resolution? Those not afraid of such sharp polygonal edges may soon get their wish in 2024, as aftermarket console maker Analogue has revealed plans for an upgraded Nintendo 64.

The Analogue 3D, an unofficial console capable of playing Nintendo 64 cartridges from around the world, will be released in 2024 according to the company.

Analogue has only teased some details from the upcoming hardware, including the ability to play classic games at a crisp 4K resolution, support for all international games, and a new Bluetooth wireless controller via peripheral maker 8BitDo. It will also have four ports for wired N64 controllers.

A teaser image of the new 8BitDo Nintendo 64 wireless controller with the Analogue 3D. Image: Analogue

Analogue has a history of creating premium upgraded consoles that play classic cartridges at a higher resolution and with other modern perks and amenities. The company has released such renditions of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and the Game Boy.

The company’s consoles do not emulate the games (or run them on new or different chips), which can lead to inconsistencies in how the games are presented. Instead, they use the same kind of internal hardware as the original devices, albeit with various upgrades and modern enhancements.

Analogue has yet to announce a price for the Analogue 3D, but the company's products are typically pricier than the average aftermarket retro console.

The company’s Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis renditions sell for $200 apiece, while the Game Boy rendition sells for $220. Analogue CEO Christopher Taber told Paste that the Analogue 3D price will be “in the range” of its other consoles.


The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996 as the successor to the Super NES, and it went on to sell about 33 million consoles worldwide as a rival to the original Sony PlayStation.

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