Popular battle royale shooter Fortnite went offline overnight in advance of its new season launch—and returned with an overhauled map along with a couple familiar faces in tow.

Last Resort is the name of Chapter 4: Season 4, the latest in-game season of content for the Epic Games blockbuster, and the title teases out the theme. As part of the new season, the map has been overhauled with luxury estates owned by a vampire—but the end result is an island resort vibe added alongside locales maintained from earlier seasons.

Of course, even with the beautiful locales, Fortnite is all about over-the-top action, providing a vibrant playground for up to 100 simultaneous players to hunt each other down, whip around the terrain in vehicles, and try to be the last player or squad standing in the end.


The new season adds a few fresh tools to facilitate that cartoonish chaos, including the Rocket Ram battering ram, an array of new guns, and the “Business Turret”—a briefcase that converts into an automated machine gun that locks onto enemies.

Each season also arrives with new characters, and Last Resort includes both a noted pop culture character and a popular influencer in its lineup. The new season includes heroine Ahsoka Tano—star of the latest “Star Wars” series on the Disney+ streaming service—along with TikTok star Khaby Lame, the most-followed user on the social video platform.

Tano will be added later this season, while Lame can be unlocked if users purchase the in-game Battle Pass. The season also includes original characters, including a beefy, anthropomorphic fish man called Fish Thicc.

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