Amazon is rumored to be developing its own NFT marketplace, but you don’t have to wait for it—the retail giant is already playing in the NFT space via its Prime Gaming portal, and best of all, the NFTs are totally free for subscribers to claim.

If you pay for an Amazon Prime subscription, then there’s already a selection of free NFTs that you can claim and use in current blockchain games. Whether they’re playable characters or special outfits and skins, these freebies are worth grabbing. Amazon has now given out NFTs across multiple games, including Mojo Melee and Blankos Block Party.

And with an estimated 170 million Prime subscribers, that’s a lot of potential NFTs to snag. Here’s a look at the gaming NFTs that are currently available as of this writing. We'll update this story regularly to point you towards the latest stuff that you can claim.


Image: Amazon

Brawlers, previously Blockchain Brawlers, recently launched on the Epic Games Store following its rebrand, and developer Tyranno Studios then announced a deal with Amazon to bring exclusive benefits to Prime Gaming.

Until January 23, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can claim the free Barry Greenhorn character, along with eight deck cards and three strategic moves within the card-driven pro wrestling game.

A WAX representative previously clarified to Decrypt that the characters given away through the promotion are represented via an NFT on the WAX network, while the other bits are purely in-game items that are not tokenized.

Mojo Melee

Image: Amazon

Amazon Prime members can claim a free NFT character and in-game skin for Mojo Melee, an accessible, web-based “auto battler” game in the vein of Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Developer Mystic Moose revealed a six-month partnership with Amazon in early August, and the latest monthly pack is now available.

Until January 17, 2024, Amazon Prime subscribers can claim the free pack, which includes a Polygon NFT for in-game champion Winter Icy Mojo, along with a skin for the Veren Mostelier character. This is the fifth champion character that Amazon has awarded Prime subscribers so far.


Mojo Melee is playable on PC or Mac, plus there’s an Android app available. Read GG’s Mojo Melee beginner’s guide to get a quick start in this competitive strategy game.

Gods Unchained

Image: Gods Unchained

Long-running NFT card-battling game Gods Unchained recently launched a promotion with Amazon Prime Gaming, offering up free packs of cards for Prime members to claim.

An Immutable rep told Decrypt that the pack and the cards are not NFTs. However, the game lets you "fuse" two or more of the same common "core" cards to yield an NFT version to collect and trade, so you may ultimately be able to get some NFTs out of this promotion over time. This first bundle of six rare packs is available until January 2, 2024.

My Pet Hooligan

Image: Amazon

Just to be clear from the jump—My Pet Hooligan is a game that will support NFTs, but the Amazon promotion is for in-game items that are not tokenized as NFTs. AMGI Studios Chief Creative Officer Colin Brady told Decrypt that the current alpha version of the game on the Epic Games Store doesn't support NFTs, but that the team is working on a version of the game that can support NFTs via third-party gaming platforms.

In any case, My Pet Hooligan is a promising shooter with Web3 hooks, and Amazon Prime Gaming is currently giving away a free in-game item (again—not an NFT) for subscribers. Right now, subscribers can claim free Reindeer Antlers and Rudolph Nose for their character. This offer is available until January 10, 2024.

AMGI said that it inked a 12-month deal with Amazon Prime Gaming for these types of promotions, so we'll see whether the drop format evolves in the coming months as the still-early game continues to take shape.

NFL Rivals

Image: Mythical Games

Here's another example of an NFT-centric game offering free non-NFT items via Amazon Prime Gaming. NFL Rivals is an iOS and Android arcade-style football game from Mythical Games, and it lets players own, trade, and use NFT-based limited edition player cards.

What you'll get from Amazon, however, is a booster pack of 10 base player cards that are not tradable NFTs, but it may help you get your NFL Rivals team up and running as you start taking on the competition. This is the third such pack offered through Amazon Prime Gaming. The booster pack is available now with no end date specified, though Mythical said in October that it inked a six-month partnership with Amazon.


Champions Ascension

Image: Amazon

Action role-playing game Champions Ascension is the latest blockchain title to team up with Amazon Prime Gaming to give out free in-game items. In this case, they're not NFTs, but this first pack with 100 gold and a monster parts loot box should help you dive into this game and get started.

The first free Amazon Prime Gaming pack is only available through today, December 22, but the team previously told Decrypt that it's a 12-week campaign with biweekly drops. So there should be another pack popping up immediately after this one ends.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming is one of many offerings available to subscribers of Amazon’s Prime membership service. Broadly, Prime Gaming provides exclusive benefits to Prime users, whether it’s free in-game content or totally free games that users can download and keep.

In addition to NFT games, Amazon has worked with the publishers of massive games like League of Legends, Roblox, and Diablo IV to give away free in-game content to subscribers. The selection of free content is frequently updated, spanning major franchises and indie gems alike.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on August 9, 2023 and was last updated on December 22 with details of the latest Amazon Prime Gaming promotions.

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