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UBD Network, a global software development company with a focus on the elimination of human factors from the digital wealth management market, has won attention on different continents and is on its way to delivering a digital wealth management platform for everyone to be able to create their smart contract that is managing personal assets without any third party or middleman.

As the general purpose of the ecosystem is to secure personal assets, it also continues its mission to make digital asset-earning opportunities available at the click of a button.

The pioneering features allow users to seamlessly manage their digital wealth without worries of losing access to personal funds, irresponsible third-party management, or any loss of control over accumulated funds since everything is managed according to the algorithm that the user creates. With the easy-to-create smart contract that is based on a low-code no-code web platform, UBD Network allows customers to manage their digital asset portfolios on the go without the need to interact with any intermediary managers, since the contract that the user creates can be altered at any time in just a second.

Andrian Galkin, the Head of UBD Network, says: “We are thrilled to unveil these new opportunities that have never been presented on the market since they allow:

- to pass on to inheritance and to inherit crypto;

- create and alter your smart contracts without any hassle;

- manage funds without any middleman by self-created smart contract;

- get stablecoins as a payout for validation input to the ecosystem;

- 10,5% APY staking with no lockups at all;

- transparent Proof-of-Reserves system.

We see an exciting milestone for the whole crypto society since our ecosystem makes it easier than ever for crypto holders to secure their digital assets and to earn on them. With just a couple of clicks, they can access their Trust anytime, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We firmly believe that each individual has the right to manage their funds without fear of interference or loss of control.

If you have earned your wealth, it is your inherent right to decide how to allocate and safeguard it.

This concept of financial sovereignty is essential as it ensures that no one can unjustly deprive you of what you have rightfully earned".

The project will be the first to provide a game-changing solution and easy-to-use tool dedicated to digital asset management.

Customers deploy their smart contract and receive access to created Trust, filling it up with their assets, and the algorithm manages it. Trust system also allows one to earn passive income on stablecoins by staking his tokens for a certain time period. At the core of the platform’s strategy is its UBDN token for validators who run the ecosystem while getting payouts in stablecoins and UBD stablecoin, which allows to create of Trusts with staking.

About UBD Network

UBD Network believes everyone has an inherent right to access their funds 24/7, which should be managed without human factors while providing the best earning opportunities. Its mission is to unlock the full security potential of blockchain for individuals and combine them with the rewarding opportunities in stablecoins for their digital asset accumulation. Thus the company provides an innovative wealth management smart contract-creating tool that everyone can use without any third party.

UBD Network Token Sale is live so don’t miss your opportunity to claim your seat on a decentralization rocket to the moon since the exchange listing will be announced soon.

For more information, visit UBD Network's:

Official website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Vision | Onepager


Head of UBD Network
Andrian Galkin
UBD Network

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