Let the CAKE games begin!

Pancake Protectors, an immersive tower defense game, has been launched by the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) Pancake Swap

The beta version emerged last week, but today marks the official launch on Mobox, a player versus player (PvP) Gamefi platform on Binance chain.


According to the DEX’s official blog, today’s big news is the integration of the platform's native token, CAKE. Pancake Protectors will allow players to earn the asset while playing. 

There are a number of benefits and utilities players will be able to access when using CAKE in Pancake Protectors: claiming game heroes, recharging certain in-game resources, unlocking new levels that will in turn deliver extra rewards, and staking the token to earn additional in-game assets.

Pancake Swap allows for cryptocurrencies to be traded without a centralized authority, allowing for self-custody at all times. It runs on Binance’s Smart Chain, although it also allows for interoperability with assets on other chains.

Pseudonymous head chef of Pancake Swap, Mochi, did clarify on Twitter that this game is not play-to-earn, due to the platform avoiding the use of inflationary models to drive the game’s growth. 


We are “proud to collaborate with Mobox to deliver a fun and exceptional game experience.” Mochi tweeted, noting that the integration and subsequent launch of Pancake Protectors is "experimental.” He added that they will be closely watching the community’s reaction to see if games are a good fit. 

The platform was in the news earlier this month thanks to their latest upgrade, Pancake Swap Version3, which promised more competitive trading fees and improved liquidity provisions, according to a press release

A DEX launching its own tower defense game may be unexpected, but it is bringing a new facet of Web3 to the large swaths of users that are already using Pancake Swap.

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