Ethereum (ETH), the primary competitor to Bitcoin and the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is once again on the way down today, heading toward $170 per token, according to data from Messari

Currently, ETH is trading for around $173 per token.

Meanwhile, unlike the current trajectory of Ethereum, Bitcoin and several of its forks are in the green today. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $8,200 per coin, while Bitcoin Cash has jumped nearly $20 since yesterday and is now trading for just under $230 per coin. Bitcoin SV is up nearly 10 percent and is today trading for approximately $105 per coin.


Trading volume for Ethereum sat at roughly $6 billion over the weekend, according to data from CoinMarketCap. That figure has gone up slightly today to just above $7 billion—a far cry from the $11 billion in volume traded the day before the crypto market crashed in late September and ETH’s price hovered around $200 per token.

The last time ETH got near that price point came at the start of the highly anticipated Devcon 5 conference. The highest price recorded for Ethereum this October occurred on the 10th, when the digital currency was trading for roughly $193. Since then, Ethereum has lost roughly $20 in value as ETH bulls have failed to gain momentum.

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