Cat-themed shooter Nyan Heroes has confirmed that it will launch its NYAN token on the Solana blockchain next week.

The Overwatch and Titanfall inspired mech shooter has been in pre-alpha since March, reportedly breaking into the top 30 titles on the Epic Games Store with over 200,000 downloads.

On Tuesday, May 21, the official Nyan Heroes token NYAN will be launched on the centralized exchange Bybit. In addition to this launch, the announcement hints that details regarding the long-awaited NYAN airdrop are coming soon.

NYAN tokens will be airdropped to players who participated in the game’s play-to-airdrop campaigns. Players are able to earn MEOW and CATNIP points by playing the game or engaging on social media, and these points will earn players an allocation of NYAN once the token has launched. It appears with the announcement that NYAN is coming next week, details on how to claim this airdrop are also just around the corner.


Developed by Singapore-based game studio 9 Lives Interactive, the game received $3 million in funding to support the launch of the game. This led to a successful pre-alpha launch on the Epic Games Store, bringing in over 100,000 players in its first week and a half.

Currently the game has no NFT integration as the developers are focusing on gameplay first. For this reason, the game can be played entirely without touching crypto or even having a wallet. Even with the token launch, this is going to stay the same.

9 Lives Interactive Creative Director and CEO Max Fu told Decrypt that there will be an in-game premium currency for purchasing “Web2” items. There will also be special items marked as “awakened” that are tokenized and can be traded, but engaging with the crypto side of the game is completely optional.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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