Beatport is finally making waves in Web3.

The iconic music platform, a trusted resource for DJs and musicians to download music for their sets, is launching its newest marketplace called

Via a collaboration with design studio Define Creative, the music platform is launching on Aventus, a parachain built atop the Polkadot network. is adding techno elements to various NFT art drops, something the music platform's media services SVP Ed Hill calls “Music+.”


“‘Music+’ refers to drops on that are more than just music, they're cultural artifacts driven by the music creators," Hill told Decrypt. "Some of these projects may be more video-focused than musical," he added. " functions similarly to a marketplace like OpenSea where you can buy, sell and trade NFTs you own but with a very specific focus on electronic music.”

An example of this kind of cultural artifact is also rolling out alongside today's launch, featuring original work from Berlin-based photographer Mischa Fanghaenel.

The collection ‘NACHTS’ portrays Berlin’s techno scene across 175 unique portraits, coupled with music composed using AI models, to create a work that was inspired by the city-wide shutdown during the pandemic.

Image from photo collection NACHTS.
From 'NACHTS' collection by Mischa Fanghaenal. Image:

“If this is it, if no club in Berlin will ever open again, how are we going to preserve what we had?" Fanghaenel said of his work. "How are we going to memorialize this culture? In the event that everything was gone, how could I document the range of characters that came together in the scene? Looking at the different people that shape this culture, I understand why it's so important to have places in which everyone can simply come together and be themselves. That's why I want to share how beautiful life can be."


Sound-reactive NFTs

This was also his first encounter with blockchain technology and NFTs, too, something that he termed a “tremendous” experience.

“Together with music from well-known DJs of the electronic music industry, we have created sound-reactive NFTs that are bringing together two art forms, which are very important to me: photography and music,” he told Decrypt.

Accompanying the collection is exclusive music from producer and DJ Len Faki.

“I am thrilled to have contributed a bonus track from my recently released double album ‘Fusion’ in collaboration with Mischa Fanghaenel for the NACHTS project,” he told Decrypt. “This track was produced exclusively for the ‘NACHTS’ edition and serves as a good example of how music and art can come together in a unique format.”

Early users can nab a free NFT called “Door” today as part of the launch. The collectible serves as a ticket for the upcoming Berlin Art Week this September.

A host of other musicians including Gerd Janson, Norman Nodge, and Seth Troxler are expected to launch similar drops in the future.

“Exploring opportunities with proof of attendance, proof of discovery, ticketing, there’s lots of opportunity to explore value creation for fans and artists with tokenized assets,” Hill told Decrypt. “We are hitting the ground running and already have a series of projects lined up over the next 12-18 months, where you can expect creative uses of generative AI, video, and live event access.”

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