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UXLINK, a fast-growing Web3 social platform and infrastructure, has recently closed a new round of funding, accumulating over $9 million total investment. This round’s investors include OKX Ventures, Web3Port Foundation, Manifold, UOB Venture, Comma3 Ventures, Cypher Capital, Kucoin Ventures, Gate Labs, Forgame (0484.HK), ECV, Signum Capital, 7UPDAO, and industry leaders. According to Singapore Corporate Information, HongShan Capital, GGV Capital, MatrixPort Ventures and ZhenFund are also its investors. UXLINK's backers include not only crypto and exchange investors from North America, Asia, and the Middle East, but also strategic investors like publicly listed companies. According to its community, UXLINK may raise another round of funding prior to TGE. As a social ecosystem, UXLINK is a leading solution for aggregating Web3 gateway, social DEX, and infrastructure for mass adoption.

Unlike other social infrastructure projects that focus on one-way, following-only relationships, UXLINK is the first to focus on bi-directional, acquaintance-based social relationships, similar to the differences between Twitter vs. Facebook. UXLINK consists mutual-promoting two layers: The application layer mainly includes Social DEX module and UX Growth (Link to Earn) module. The infrastructure layer includes unique and integrating data and the RWS social protocols, with a plan to launch an innovative Social Liquidity Chain, which utilizes OP Stack L2 and EigenDA technologies, to better support developers and third-party Dapps.

UXLINK has caught the attention of the market and investors with its product innovation and rapid growth. Since its product launch in April 2023, it has gained more than 3.5 million verified users in 10 months, with more than 75,000 decentralized groups, covering more than 6 million users. Its users are mainly located in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South Asia, and Africa.

Eric Co-founder, from UXLINK community, stated: "In Web1.0 and Web2.0 era, there are great products based on acquaintance social relationships, such as Facebook and WeChat, being the main drivers and infrastructure for Mass Adoption, benefiting billions of users; UXLINK is this kind of innovation and project in the Web3 era".


UXLINK is an innovative web3 social platform designed for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest web3 social network and social infrastructure for Dapps and developers. In contrast to most web3 social projects that often form following/one-way relationship, UXLINK focus on real-world social/two-ways relationship and enables real-time interactions between users with users, Dapps with users by innovative Groups tools and protocols.


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