The Solana Hunger Games, created by game studio, is a novel gaming concept that merges augmented reality (AR) with cryptocurrency elements, set to officially launch in Spring.

In this guide, we’ll explore an overview of the game, its mechanics, and how it’s been received by Solana fans and the wider crypto community.



(Video by Rug Radio Creator AshleyDCan. Disclosure: Ashley holds SOL.)'s launch of the Solana Hunger Games in early access quickly captured the attention of the gaming and crypto communities.

Following its announcement, the game's early access phase saw significant engagement, amassing a substantial following on social media platforms, while its website crashed after racking up over two million page views in its first 24 hours.

Game Concept and Structure

  • Theme and Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the Hunger Games series, the game is designed around treasure hunting in an augmented reality setting, accessible via mobile phones.
  • Augmented Reality Crypto (ARC): This new genre combines AR technology with cryptocurrency, offering a unique gaming experience where players interact with the game environment in real life while engaging with crypto elements.
  • Roles: Players can choose between being a "Hunter," who searches for treasures in the game world, or a "Sponsor," who speculates on game outcomes and supports players.
  • Currency and Rewards: The game introduces a token, referred to as "G," which players can earn through participation and a referral program. The specifics of how G is earned and its distribution are tied to player involvement and performance within the game ecosystem.
  • Backers and Supporters: The project is supported by notable entities and individuals in the crypto space, including the venture capital arm of Delphi Digital and influencers like Cozomo Medici and Gmoney.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Hunters: Participants explore designated "Host cities" to find AR GBoxes containing the game's currency. Their success and accumulation of G are tracked on a leaderboard.
  • Sponsors: Although detailed mechanics have yet to be fully disclosed, Sponsors appear to have the ability to bet on players' success and acquire "Player cards," influencing the game's dynamics based on leaderboard standings.
  • Referral Program: Players can increase their G earnings by inviting others to the game, receiving a percentage of the G claimed by their invitees.

Community Engagement and Access

The game is currently in an invite-only phase, with many seeking access through shared invite codes on social media. A significant level of community interaction and anticipation is evident, as players and enthusiasts discuss strategies and share information regarding participation.


The Solana Hunger Games takes a novel approach to Web3 gaming, blending AR technology with cryptocurrency to create a unique interactive experience. As the launch date approaches, the game continues to garner attention and enthusiasm from both the crypto and gaming communities.

Editor's note

This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Stephen Graves.

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