Luxury fashion brand Gucci is teaming up with storied auction house Christie’s for “Future Frequencies, Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion,” a sale showcasing the work of leading talents in the digital art space.

The lots, comprising 21 artwork NFTs, harness artificial intelligence or other generative techniques to create vibrant interpretations of classic Gucci design elements, from explorations of the house’s emblematic textiles to an algorithmic take on the Gucci Bamboo handle first created in 1947.

Participating artists have been “heavily inspired by the design and production of garments, textiles, and the fashion industry at large,” said Sebastian Sanchez, manager of digital art sales at Christie’s, in a statement.


The sale is designed to challenge preconceptions about technology, he added, including “the way we can think about using algorithms and data to advance human creativity across fields.”

Featured artists in the auction include Claire Silver, Emi Kusano, Emily Xie, Zach Lieberman, William Mapan, Helena Sarin, Iskra Velitchkova and digital fashion house DRAUP in collaboration with Nicholas Sassoon. Their lots often combine both digital and physical elements. 

A still image of "Shinjitai" by Claire Silver and Emi Kusano. Image: Christie's

“Shinjitai” by Claire Silver and Emi Kusano has been digitally hand-sculpted using AI, combining advanced mathematics with the aesthetics of ancient paintings and tapestries. According to Silver, her work is “intended to celebrate the era of AI” alongside “depth of cultural heritage.”

In addition to the digital artwork itself, the lot also includes the raw 3D file, which affords the purchaser the possibility to have it 3D printed, display it in a metaverse, and even tailor it to an avatar. The holder will also receive a physical 50-yard roll of fabric, printed and embroidered with the digital artwork’s primary pattern.


Iskra Velitchkova’s “PostMachine: A Study of Ethos and Patterns” was created from a generative algorithm inspired by the handle of the Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag, which it features in repeat. 

The auction will take place from July 18-25 on Christie’s 3.0—the house’s fully on-chain auction platform launched in 2022. The works on offer will also be showcased on Gucci Art Space, the Italian brand’s own online gallery.

Iskra Velitchkova's "PostMachine: A Study of Ethos and Patterns." Image: Christie's

Not every piece in the auction was created for the occasion, however. A look at the Christie’s auction listing reveals two Ethereum NFTs from the valuable Fidenza project, minted by Tyler Hobbs via Art Blocks in 2021, as well as “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #190 from artist Robbie Barrat, minted on SuperRare in 2018.

Following Christie’s record-breaking sale of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” for $69.3 million in March 2021, Gucci sold its own first NFT via the auction house in June of the same year.

Gucci has since collaborated with SuperPlastic for NFT collections and teamed up with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and 10KTF on customized artwork for popular profile picture (PFP) projects. Earlier this year, it partnered with BAYC parent Yuga Labs, beginning with a physical Gucci pendant inspired by the upcoming Otherside metaverse game.

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