It was the perfect viral story: an out-of-shape crypto billionaire was caught not just spending $62,000 a month on his favorite model’s OnlyFans, but shortly thereafter tattooing her face on his leg. He also allegedly begged her for an open relationship in weeks worth of deranged, unanswered messages, and offered her 10 Bitcoin (almost $430,000) if she so much as texted him back. 

Turns out, it was all a little too perfect.

Days after rapper and model Rubi Rose went viral for posting a string of text messages on Twitter that were purportedly from a desperate crypto whale—who oscillated between professing “I love you more than Bitcoin,” screaming at her, and offering to follow her commands while wearing a “sissy maid outfit”—said lovestruck fan has now finally surfaced.

And his side of the story sounds quite different from Rose's narrative.


The man, who also appeared in a photo with Rose tagged as her “#1 spender,” says he does not own thousands of Bitcoins, nor is he particularly wealthy. He’s also never texted Rubi Rose in his life. 

His name is Lamar, and he dogsits for porn stars. 

On a podcast appearance yesterday, Lamar—who didn’t offer his last name due to privacy concerns—claimed that he had never once used OnlyFans or engaged with Rubi Rose until weeks ago, when the rapper’s agents approached him through mutual friends in the modeling industry and asked if he would be willing to take a photo with Rose for unknown purposes. 


Lamar conceded he might have been offered the gig because he “looks like a guy who would spend $63,000" on a person he wasn't in a relationship with. But he says he engaged anyway after being offered an undisclosed payment. Soon after, he said he showed up at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood to snap dozens of photos with Rose, before getting smoked out and sent on his way.

Days later, Lamar says, Rose’s agents got back in touch, curious if he was willing to up the ante. Both parties eventually agreed that Lamar would get Rose’s face tattooed on his leg, in exchange for a second, larger payment.

Lamar did not disclose the size of that follow-up fee, saying only that, in hindsight, he should have asked for more. Apparently in the midst of negotiations, Lamar sought the counsel of porn star Gina Valentina, whose one cat and four dogs he often watches. She reportedly told him to ask for no less than $15,000.

Lamar claims he got the tattoo, sent a video of it to the agents, and pushed the whole thing out of his mind. 

Then Rose made the post.

Rose’s team inserted the real video of Lamar’s tattoo together into a string of unhinged text messages that Lamar says he never wrote, triggering a viral phenomenon that whipped up outrage at wealth inequality, at male stalkers and sexual violence, and of course, at crypto. At writing, Rose’s Twitter posts about Lamar have been viewed a total of 221 million times.

Lamar says he had no idea what Rose’s team was planning to do with the content he made for them. 


“I didn’t know exactly what the storyline was,” he said. “I didn’t know I was some ‘Bitcoin billionaire.’”

But the novelty of the experiment soon wore off, once he started being identified on the streets of Los Angeles as the supposed porn addict who said he’d give up his crypto millions to be Rubi Rose’s pet cuckold.

His friends—many of whom work in the modeling and porn industries—started asking him about the post, and questioning his character. Lamar says he couldn’t sleep for days on end after the post was published.

Decrypt reached out to Rose's representatives for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

It’s not all bad news for the dogsitter. He says he’s since made peace with the ordeal, has no bitterness towards Rose, and that he intends to keep her face on his leg. And though he didn’t make nearly as much as she presumably did off the Twitter posts, he’s already cooking up ways to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame.

The hosts of the “Ugly Inside” podcast—on which Lamar appeared—suggested Tuesday that he should double down on the crypto angle of the whole saga, and start selling trading courses.

“You should scam them all,” one host suggested. “Say ‘This is King Cuck, the Bitcoin guy,’ sign them up [for] $10,000 each… and then just copy a course from YouTube.”

“I actually already started that,” Lamar replied.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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