This week on 5 Questions With SCENE, we’re joined by Jeff Davis, a generative artist who currently serves as strategic advisor to Art Blocks. Davis is an integral component of the Art Blocks team, and joined the platform just months after its founding as Chief Creative Officer. 

In addition to helping guide Art Blocks from an emergent showcase for on-chain, generative works to the major art world presence and pillar of the crypto art world it has since become, Davis has also released several of his own art collections through the platform. 

This week, in collaboration with the nature-focused Dutch art studio Drift and Pace, the renowned New York contemporary art gallery, Davis released “Schema,” a collaborative generative art project. 

Watch below as Davis lets loose about his artistic practice, the path that brought him to Art Blocks, and his quietly sophisticated DJ abilities.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

Video shot and edited by Vincent Roazzi Jr.

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