The intersection of technology and culture is a big one: it encompasses visual artists, coders, fashion designers, filmmakers, business moguls, utopians, and self-styled revolutionaries. At SCENE we talk to these colorful and outspoken innovators all the time: about their work, their creative visions, and how they aim to reshape the worlds of art, fashion, and entertainment.

But now, we’re taking them off script—to get to know the personalities behind the projects. 

Our new video series, 5 Questions with SCENE, will pose the hard-hitting questions to these culture makers: What are their least favorite cities? Their favorite drugs? Their greatest artistic fantasies? What is it, exactly, that disgusts them about candy corn? Every installment will feature a new guest, hailing from the worlds of art, fashion, film, music, and sports.


To kick things off, our inaugural guest in the 5 Questions hot seat is Kevin Rose, co-founder and CEO of Proof—the technology company behind the massively successful Moonbirds NFT collection, among other projects.

After Moonbirds’ smash debut last year—which generated $280 million in two days—Rose, who previously co-founded Digg, has steadily expanded Proof’s offerings while benefiting the members-only Proof Collective, a club of 1,000 NFT collectors.

We’ve talked with Kevin many times about the state of Proof and Moonbirds, and how those projects are navigating the current market. But today we’re going a different route—so if you’ve ever wondered about Kevin’s childhood dreams, relationship to the word “bitch,” thoughts on masculinity, or militant stance on Halloween candy, you will now finally have answers.

Story edited by Andrew Hayward; video shot and edited by Vincent Roazzi Jr.

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