AnimeCoin Launches ‘Gacha Grab’ Game With Ethereum NFT Collection Azuki

The AnimeCoin project, created by Azuki with multiple partners, has launched a gachapon-inspired game with collectible prizes.

By Jason Nelson

2 min read

After announcing the AnimeChain project in March, the AnimeCoin Foundation—the group behind the eponymous token—launched a web-based game called Gacha Grab on Monday.

Like a virtual slot machine inspired by Japanese gachapon toy vending machines, “Gacha Grab” tasks players with spinning the dial to earn points and prizes, including one of eight digital Gachapons each with a different reward level. Each spin in Gacha Grab costs 100 credits and grants one Gachapon collectible.

Created in collaboration with the Azuki NFT collection on Ethereum, Gacha Grab lets players earn credits for each Azuki, Elementals, or Beanz NFT they own. According to the AnimeCoin announcement, participants in the first Bonus Quest in March are eligible to receive 100 bonus credits.

Gachapon rarity, AnimeCoin says, comes in three tiers: Esteemed, Grand, and Legend. Players can form “squads” with multiple owned NFTs to boost their rewards, as well as “level up” their Azuki profile to potentially win rarer NFTs.

Starting April 6, the AnimeCoin Foundation said, there will be a 2x credit earn boost that will last for two weeks. Players can view their Gacha Grab standings on the leaderboard. The Foundation cautioned players that the Gachapons earned from NFT credits are tied to NFT in question, and would transfer to the new owner if sold.

Launched in January 2022 by Los Angeles-based Chiru Labs, Azuki is a collection of 10,000 anime-themed NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The project currently has a floor price—that is, the starting price on a secondary marketplace—of 4.9 ETH, or around $14,550.

Founded in March by a consortium including the Arbitrum Foundation, Weeb3 Foundation, and Chiru Labs, AnimeChain aims to be a destination for anime-themed projects. It’s built with Ethereum scaling tech from Arbitrum.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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