Crypto Twitter Reacts to Arkham’s New 'Dox-to-Earn' Intelligence Exchange

Blockchain intelligence firm Arkham is opening an exchange where data on the identities of crypto wallet owners can be traded and requested.

By Tim Hakki

3 min read

Arkham Intelligence, a blockchain intelligence company, today announced on Twitter that it's launching “the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange.”

A thirty-second promo vid informs the viewer that the platform will let users anonymously buy and sell information on the identities of any crypto wallet address through smart contracts.

One central feature of the platform is “intel bounties” where those who need it can offer cash to blockchain-savvy analysts to dox (identify) any crypto wallet owner's name or address.

Arkham says its new platform will bridge the gap between analysts on the one hand and traders, investors, journalists, researchers, and protocols on the other.

The trailer also promises “alpha and insights from elite on-chain researchers,” implying that the information acquirable will include wallet contents and detailed assessments of the performance of the addresses' investments. 

Needless to say, Crypto Twitter had an absolute field day.

Arkham under fire

Twitter user and avid crypto fan Capoordart (@poordart), whose biography describes themselves as a commodities trader, coined the phrase “dox-to-earn program” to describe Arkham’s new oddity. 

Another user who goes by the handle @farp_farp asked Arkham if the subject of kidnappings as an enterprise came up in their meetings. 

The hilariously-named “fart connoisseur the third [sic]” went one step darker.

Mark Zeller, founder of an Aave DAO service provider initiative called Aave-Chan, posted a more sober response, calling the idea a “massive net negative.” 

One developer and crypto trader who tweets under @veH0rny is all in, apparently. 

User @DevDoSomething appeared to be impressed and even directed their followers to a waitlist signup page. 

Finally, proud Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Fantom holder @remy_bull spoke about Arkham and the new exchange in superlative terms. 

Transacting on Arkham's Intelligence Exchange will be done via the protocol's native ARKM token. The initial token sale starts tomorrow and runs for six days through Binance Launchpad, according to an announcement by Binance today.

Early users, however, are enjoying a mid-Summer airdrop, per the project's Twitter page.

The total supply is capped at a billion,  50,000 of which (5%) have been allocated to Binance for the launch.

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