Is Elon Musk's Pick for New Twitter CEO a Dogecoin Maxi Too?

We decipher what little is known about the crypto views of Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's incoming CEO, who follows meme coin personalities.

By Sander Lutz

2 min read

On Friday morning, Twitter owner Elon Musk formally announced his replacement as CEO: NBCUniversal’s current advertising chief, Linda Yaccarino. 

Yaccarino is a veteran media executive, having spent nearly 12 years at NBCUniversal, and 20 years before that running advertising for media conglomerate Turner Broadcasting. However, relatively little is known about her views on hot-button issues currently front-and-center for Twitter, including the potential future role of crypto on the social media platform.  

She may not be a newcomer to crypto, though—particularly to the meme-inspired cryptocurrencies that have long attracted her new employer’s enthusiasm. Yaccarino currently follows numerous Dogecoin- and Shiba Inu-affiliated accounts on Twitter, including the main accounts for both coins.

Yaccarino also follows multiple core contributors to the Dogecoin community on Twitter, including co-creator Billy Markus; DogeDesigner, the creator of MyDoge, a self-custodial Dogecoin wallet; and Sir Doge of the Coin, a prominent Dogecoin evangelist and influencer. 

However, she has not yet commented publicly on the role Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies may play on Twitter under her leadership. But her Dogecoin-heavy Twitter presence is certainly consistent with Musk’s reputation as an avid, if sometimes tongue-in-cheek Dogecoin advocate. 

Musk has repeatedly teased the integration of crypto payments onto the site, particularly with Dogecoin. Last month, Twitter temporarily replaced its blue bird logo with a Doge meme, sending the coin’s value surging by 20%

While Yaccarino’s positions on numerous issues related to crypto and Twitter remain unclear, the executive has in the past vocally supported the site’s efforts, under Musk’s leadership, to embrace open-source coding and digital transparency—key tenets of the crypto movement.

“Transparency and open-sourcing… I would say that’s the difference between those other platforms you either don’t use or have never heard of, and [Twitter],” she said last month, while interviewing Musk in front of a Miami audience at Possible, an annual conference for marketers.

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