Filecoin Now Has a Global Capacity of 2.5 Billion Gigabytes

The Filecoin network continues to grow—now its storage capacity equals thousands of copies of Wikipedia and tens of copies of the Internet Archive.

By Tim Copeland

2 min read

The Filecoin network has reached a total capacity of 2.5 exbibytes, according to an announcement today. In more familiar terms, that's 2.5 billion gigabytes of data.

According to the release, this capacity is enough to store 725 million 1080p movies, 11,250 copies of Wikipedia, and 47 copies of the Internet Archive. So, a fair bit then.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that enables thousands of computers around the world to get paid to store data. Because the network is decentralized, it means the data isn't held in one single place, reducing the risk of it being lost or corrupted.

Filecoin is akin to a decentralized Dropbox. Image: Shutterstock

"The importance of an open, decentralized Internet has never been greater. Reaching 2.5 EiB storage capacity is a pivotal moment for Filecoin and the wider Web 3.0 movement," said Colin Evran, ecosystem lead at Filecoin.

"The Web 3.0 pursuit to create a more efficient and secure web,  free from corporate control, is coming into fruition," he added.

Filecoin also provides a way of incentivizing the storage of data on IPFS, a protocol designed for accessing the Internet from anywhere in the world. IPFS users can store data directly from the IPFS network itself. It has been natively integrated into the Brave browser, or users can run their own IPFS nodes.

Decrypt has integrated with the IPFS network—so if you click the IPFS link at the bottom of this article, you can read it via the IPFS network.

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